Airspy New Year Competition: Comment to win Airspy and SpyVerter Prizes!

The team behind the Airspy have given us permission to give away three Airspy related prizes for the New Year Holidays! The first prize is an Airspy R2 + Spyverter, the second prize is an Airspy Mini + Spyverter and the third prize is a Spyverter.

The Airspy is a high performance yet low cost software defined radio with a 12-bit ADC and tuning range between 24 – 1800 MHz. It is an attractive device as its dynamic range exceeds all other SDRs in a similar price range. Its performance begins to approach that of the very high end expensive SDRs. High dynamic range means that weak and strong signals can coexist in the received spectrum without any overload occurring. We have previously written reviews of the Airspy R2 and Airspy Mini on our blog.

The Spyverter is a high performance upconverter that allows the Airspy to tune to LF/MW/HF frequencies between DC – 30 MHz. The Spyverter perfectly compliments an Airspy device as it is also a very high dynamic range device. It also works perfectly with the bias tee on our V1/V2/V3 dongles. We previously reviewed the Spyverter here.

More information about these products can be found at

How to Enter

Competition is now finished. Winners will be announced and emailed shortly. Thanks to all who entered!


Larry (Airspy R2 + SV)
If I am going to win something from this one stuff, me build internet remote receiver on hill in central Europe (CZ) for all readers and fans of website, generally for all RTL SDR enthusiasts….. :-)))
Pour Felicitér 2017
Larry (Ladislav)

kevin (Airspy Mini + SV)
been a ham a couple years now. their are so many uses for sdr’s ! it’s so cool. just looking down the list of others comments, i was like ‘oh ya’ forgot about that idea. awhile back we did a demo at our ham club with a el cheapo sdr and it sparked some interest , would like to play around with some of the newest toys, worlds of diff in capabilities. ultimate goal is to find the right one for the clubs emergency trailer. seeing the bands and whats going on, is priceless 🙂

Josh (SpyVerter)
I’d love to finally get into the HF band!

The winners were randomly selected using, and all have now been emailed. If you’re a winner, please check your email and spam folder just in case.

Thank you all for participating! It’s really great to see all the variety in what projects people are doing. There were about 500 valid entries resulting in about a 0.6% chance of winning. Keep an eye out for future contests!

Simply make a comment on this post explaining what you’d do like to do with an Airspy or Spyverter if you won one.

The address will only be visible to us, and we promise not to use it for any other purpose.

Rules: The winners will be selected at random. One entry per person only. You must legally be allowed to receive the prize.

Draw closes in one week on 3 January 2017, 11:59PM UTC Time.



  1. admin


    Thank you all for entering, this comment marks the end of the competition. The winners will be announced on this post and the Airspy team will email you shortly.

  2. Brian Cochran

    I work in law enforcement so I would use it to recieve body wire frequencies and record them. The filters available in SDR sharp have made me look like a rock star at the office as they are applied on the fly as needed.

  3. Pavel Milanes (CO7WT)

    Great, I can use it as a Software Spectrum analyzer to adjust ham radio pass-band filters and cavities for repeaters here in Cuba.

    Besides, VHF/UHF receivers are not very common here in Cuba, so an Airspy can be a very useful tool/receiver here…

    73 CO7WT.

  4. Andrea

    I will use the air spy to explore all frequencies, also digital modes. Thank you and good luck to everyone…
    73 Andrea

  5. Ryan Ferguson

    I would love to use one of these SDRs in my research to find hidden talk groups on the local police system. I’ve been experimenting with different antennas but I’m still using a cheap RTL-SDR.

  6. Andrew

    I’d love to win so I could upgrade my current setup to better track aircraft. It’d be great to grab some weather data too!

  7. Roberto Sabbi


    great initiative. My constant obsession are Aviation and Weather related radio waves. But most of all, I have decided to give a try to building antennas, starting with a turnstile for NOAA reception.

    Cheers from Northern Italy,


  8. Andres Bahamondes

    I would like to experiment with new digital modes and monitoring VHF and UHF transmissions. Also, I’m still a big fan of HF transmissions so this would be interesting too.

  9. David

    Main interest is image communications eg. Wefax (HF), SSTV & DSSTV (HF, VHF, Sat), & weather satellites (APT, LRPT & HRPT, both GEOS & POES). Unfortunately, no DATV near me.

  10. Damir Sindik

    I will listen to planets (some, ex. Jupiter…) – with a good antenna, and other celestial bodies on a wide range of different frequencies…

  11. Ricardo Alonso Piña

    Hello . i would really wish to win this prize. im from mexico i live in cancun , and this kind of equipement is really out of what i can afford. im currently using a cheap sdr dongle that i managed to purchase . i was not able to afford an education so i teach myself reading tutorials and when i learn something new i upload a video on my youtube channel . if i only could earn this prize it will make me happy and more people in mexico that speaks spanish and follows my channel too. please vote for me and i will make my best to make the best of it and not only for me but for newbies like me , thank you and happy year to all that read this

  12. Dean

    With the 12-bit ADC it will help to sift out the faint 435/437 satellite band downlinks from the local ISM 433.92 loud stuff.

  13. Andrew

    There are very few low cost options to capture high resolution wideband spectrum plots with sweep widths greater than about 10MHz. Airspy with SpyVerter running Spectrum Spy can do this. I want to use it to monitor 0-30MHz propagation and detect local VDSL and other interference sources.

  14. Jules

    It’d be a great step forward from those already funny cheapest dongles for HF utility monitoring, wefax and general listening. Hope to win!

  15. Echo

    I’d like to compare airspy and its converter with other sdr dongles for generic swling. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Erik Leiton

    Will be a great opportunity to explore new frontiers, in a country where a satellite race is developing and integrating with other nations with equal capabilities.

  17. toronto

    Due to my nightmare radio listening location and antenna restrictions i would like to see if the airspy’s improved dynamic range would improve my overall experiance. Anything would help at this point. Thanks to the people running the contest and thanks rtlsdr blog for being such a great source of info.

  18. Marc

    In the eighties I had a CB-27 transceiver. I remember expending hours chatting with people in the neighborhood. Sometimes, when lucky, I managed to achieve long range DX. Recently a friend of mine showed me the SDR dongle and immediately I felt in love. I would like to engage again to this fascinating world!

  19. CJ

    I would use it as a exploration tool to learn about the range of things going on in the amateur radio world until I can finally afford a capable transceiver.

  20. Larry

    If I am going to win something from this one stuff, me build internet remote receiver on hill in central Europe (CZ) for all readers and fans of website, generally for all RTL SDR enthusiasts….. :-)))
    Pour Felicitér 2017
    Larry (Ladislav)

  21. RTLfun

    I really want a better receiver to work with sats more and utilize the low end capabilities of the spyverter rather than the bias-t of the dongle I have.

  22. Dimitar

    I would use it mainly for scanning and decoding different digital modes all the way from VLF to GHz!
    Happy new year and wish you all the best to everyone! 73!

  23. C R

    I’d try to port the code to a vbox ova, I’d try to stabilize the run time on os’ of previous release, I’d try for output to a remote unit or control from a remote unit. I’d give them to gf so she’ll feel smart too..

  24. Danielle Priser

    This is actually similar to something my son has been asking for to go with the rest of the tech he’s got- he wants to go to college for something related (I honestly don’t get what any of it does, but he’s specifically asked for a spyverter), so that would be a cool gift for a genius teenager!

    • Jim Cook

      Would use the gear for monitoring over the horizon radar and do research on building a wide band EMI receiver for detecting interference problems on electric distribution systems.

  25. Mark

    Coupled with other gear, I am mainly interested in receiving future near Earth manned mission signals but also, being an old SW listener, I could experiment with the lower frequencies too.

  26. Henk Booms

    Living next to the Rotterdam-The Hague airport in the Netherlands i’m interested to listend to the air traffic radio’s.

  27. Mel

    I’ve been using SDRs since 3 years, already spread the hype to 3 friends and I’d love to pursue my quest into digital encodings and space communication ! Happy new year to the community !

  28. Ashok Shankar Das

    Hi, I love to monitor different bands. I owned an RTL-SDR earlier which is burnt by Lightning bolt. My interests are receiving Weather satellites and HAM communications. As my QTH is in coastal Cyclone prone area I generally monitor Weather satellites.
    If I win then it will help me and my community to get updated weather forecasts.

  29. Jake Miller

    I have only a rudimentary knowledge of SDR (currently using an RTL-SDR RTL2832U dongle) so I would use the better hardware to increase my knowledge and listen to more frequencies — especially exciting would be listening to HF using the spyverter as I have not yet had the pleasure of having my own device capable of doing so.

    On my short list of things to accomplish: NOAA satellite image reception, ADS-B, trying to locate and listen to number stations. I love the idea of learning about and reversing the protocols used in radio and I look forward to writing demodulators for some of my favorite programs (Gqrx <3)

  30. Jacob Nuesslein

    This radio receiver/converter looks so awesome! I would love to start exploring the radio spectrum of the world!!

  31. Addison Guynn

    I would want to try and receive GOES transmissions. A receiver better than an RTL-SDR dongle would make it much easier.

  32. Jake B

    I would use an Airspy for satellite work. The RTLs don’t work so well in the L-band. The up converter would be fun to use in the HF bands too!

  33. Steveo250k

    I just finished reading The Steel Kiss by Jeffery Deaver. In this novel the killer uses wireless controls in everyday appliances and machines (such as cars, microwaves, and even escalators at the mall) to kill. It got me thinking about all the ubiquitous wireless embedded things in our homes and offices. I would use the Airspy (and an up converter) to build a sniffer to catalog all the signals in a home. I will need a database of appliances to go with it.

  34. paul

    I would like to have an airspy because I have heard so much about it and after being a slow learner in setting up an rtl-sdr I would enjoy plug and play! Thanks Paul

  35. Viacheslav Tarmanov

    My dream is to have such a wonderful receiver will be very happy to receive it as a gift, to study the wonderful world of radio waves, thank you!

  36. John Leonardelli

    I am teaching a ham radio class and we have had over 50 students get their license. The youngest was 13 snd the oldest being over 60. We are holding our classes at the David Dunlap Observatory that houses an huge telescope and also has Ylab that has 3d printers and a laser cutter. We are working hard to build a radio station and need to develop some receivers for space reception on VLF and for the 22 Mhz band so that we can conduct radio astronomy experiments. At the same time there is common interest from the millenials on using SDR receivers and laptops or tablets for the software. Because of the wide soectrum we are curious on spectrum surveillance of garage door openers, wifi and radio control. The Air Spy seems ideal for this task and we will be happy to discuss and review on my blog and other social media channels. Now that we have interest from Boy Scouts and Ventures we can hope to increase the community but more importantly offer new insights into radio reception with new affordable technology. Listening to navigational beacons, medium wave stations, the numbers stations on shortwave and going higher into public safety channels and radio control modes is bringing excitement to radio once again. I hope we can be an avid Airspy user and help showcase this excellent receiver across the astronomy, hacker space, ham radio and curious citizen community.

  37. Paul

    As a kid I became interested in radio because of a new type of radio that my neighbor/mentor showed me. I would like to use the airspy to teach kids about radio communications, maybe receive space station packet signals and decode them in order to get the kids interested in what can be done with radio.

  38. Jim B

    I have a handful of low-end SDRs, but I’m limited by the cheap antanna they come with. For Christmas I treated myself to a discone antenna, some coax, and now I need to get a mast and set it up. Once that is done I will want a better SDR!

  39. Jan Simoncic

    I could finally get into some HF as of now I was only exploring VHF side of spectrum. Also I have some projects in my mind for which I will need to set up at least 2 SDRs. Would be nice get one for free 🙂 good luck to you all 😀

  40. Jay

    I would be interested in trying to receive shortwave/HF with a spyverter… Plus since my RTL-SDR v3 is tied up right now as part of my outernet station (it receives quite well), an airspy would be a nice upgrade/replacement to use for everything else (been playing around with rtl_433 and ADS-B)

  41. DoaJC Blogger

    I hope to win the AirSpy R2. I like the supposed lack of DC spike and the 9 MHz of usable spectrum. I mostly do L-band satellite and UHF monitoring and it would be great to have a second radio to go with my SDRplay RSP1.

  42. John D.

    I have one of the first generation Airspy. Therefore, I treat is rather gingerly. I think it would be fun to set up a web sdr with the first generation and use the second gen to continue to scan the airwaves. Thanks for the opportunity – John

  43. Power Mac

    Interested in listening to HF and all amateur radio bands. Airband and NOAA satelittes and weather. Also interested in business bands. Also public safety even tho most are trunked systems now.

  44. Drone12

    I would like to listen to the HF band as I currently do not have any equipment for that. Also use it for my current uses which are: CB Radio (which I can’t seem to pick up anymore), FM Radio, Airband, Amatuer HAM bands 2m, 1.25m, 70cm. Business Band, NOAA weather, Maritime if that even exists near me. Satellites NOAA 15, 18, 19, Meteor-M2, ISS, JAS-2. POGSAC, and also ADB-S. Which is everything I’ve currently experimented with so far.

  45. Michael

    I would highly appreciate experimenting with the airspy, as a inactive amateur radio operator I have been reading many articles about software defined radio and my interest is growing everyday.

  46. Bernard

    As a ham radio and short wave enthousiaste, i would use airspy and spyverter ti monitor ham bands from UHF to 80m, watch for propagation openings in UHF/VHF.
    Would also use for meteor detection in bistatic radar configuration using thé Graves radar.
    Ut would happily replace m’y RTL2832 devices and home made upconverter in these tasks !

  47. Nina

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Im trying to build my own web-sdr for or OpenWebRX. It would be not badly to win one of them.

  48. arglas

    I would use the Airspy to immerse myself into scanning the frequency spectrum, to discover new signals, and mostly to show everyone in the internet the beauty of SDR!

  49. J More

    T raking all LoRa stations narrow of my house, and maybe use these information for see what information hive to the air the power stations or see the state of the lights of my town.

  50. Valentinas

    I will use it for receiving Weather faxes, DRM, analyzing LORAN, decoding NOAA, ACARS and ADS-B will not be forgotten as well and of course will patiently wait for SAQ transmissions. Never had luck to hear it using RTL.

  51. bob

    I would like to study the noise floor of the passband and use a RPI 3 to read the noise floor on a data pin, calculate the Nyquist (or other) algorithm and feedback the output to totally cancel the noise floor signals and pass the data that is outside the wideband noise floor to be processed. This algorithm would need to be able to determine the real white noise of the noise floor from the very weak signals imbedded in it… may be impossible, but would be interesting.. The AirSpy has enough bandwidth to make the study worthwhile.

  52. Rich

    If I won, I’d like to try looking at satellite transmissions such as the NOAA satellites and decoding the images they broadcast. I’ve also been interested in doing more things in the HF bands, since I never used them very much. My friends and I are also trying to design and build our own 40 meter band transceivers, so using an RTL-SDR to receive the signals after testing with an oscilloscope is on my bucket list.

  53. Aaron

    SDR?! Software defined radio?! What is this and why haven’t I seen this?!?! This sounds like a rabbit hole that if I dive into I will never come out of… Wish me luck!

    • OLee

      The Airspy would be perfect for receiving wireless microphones used in broadcasting. There are not many radios that tune all of the UHF TV frequency range (470 MHz to 698 MHz).

  54. Manisha Jain

    hello all,,,,
    radio is a wonderful hobby.. and SDRs are a amazing addon to this hobby. recently one of my friend demonstrated the DRM broadcast on his SDR dongle. from that date i want to possess SDR dongle because the DRM enabled radio sets are too costly here in India. so if i win i will try to explore DRM on this AIRSPY kit.
    thanks and regards
    Manisha Jain

  55. Munteanu Sebastian


  56. No Name

    I want a new Airspy to see if it is of any better quality than my Airspy R0 that has lots of spurious signals. If it works better I will use it mainly for FM DXing.

  57. SADOK Mustapha

    Hi RTL-SDR Team,

    I’m very interested to make mini-spectrum monitoring station with some automated tasks, AVD, Automatic Modulation Classification and Direction Finding….This gift must get me closer to my dream 🙂

  58. Yevhen

    Doesn’t meter what I type here as it is random and I don’t believe I lucky enough to win.
    I don’t believe such kind of stuff can cover HF where I’m interested more but where I wished to use it just for ATC listening as flights data transmission as well. A lot of them enough not so far of London Heathrow. As well would like to play with local DMR.

  59. Alan

    Twice a year I visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina, U.S. Skies are always clear, QRM is nonexistent, and everything from 3 kHz to 30 MHz rings clear like a church bell on a hill. In fact, I am here right now for Christmas week.
    I am hoping to win so I can leave my large receiver at home, walk down to the beach with only a netbook, use the offshore breezes to fly a kite antenna a hundred feet or so off the ground, and take in the bounty offered up by the ether.
    Thanks, and happy new year to all.

  60. Luckcolors

    I would love to receive one of those so i could build a L-Band receiver. If i also get the spyverter i will be also able to receive HF!

  61. Frank

    If I win I would give it away to the next young ham student at my radio club to pass his/her test. I can afford to buy one–most young kids just starting in the hobby can not.

  62. Philip Thompson

    I would like to use a Spyverter for monitoring distant VLF stations and logging the effects of solar disturbance SIDs
    on those signals.

  63. Jefff Whitney

    I want expand my current knowledge of SDR and utilize all its functions! Especially for NOA satellites and other fun space projects.

  64. ChetR

    I love the fact that you can begin tuning at DC and then continue to explore the whole radio wave spectrum! The VLF frequencies have always held a special fascination for me. There is still so much more to explore and discover!

  65. Richard

    I’ll prove to a radioamateur that SDRs are the new technology and they’ll get even smaller and better . Also , with the Spyverter upconverter , I’ll demonstrate that ham radio isn’t dead .

  66. Lee Mccrocklin

    I have an module, and it is a great value, but I could use an Airspy (more resolution!) to poke the Tektronix rep and ask him why his spectrum analyzers cost so much!

  67. kevin

    been a ham a couple years now. their are so many uses for sdr’s ! it’s so cool. just looking down the list of others comments, i was like ‘oh ya’ forgot about that idea. awhile back we did a demo at our ham club with a el cheapo sdr and it sparked some interest , would like to play around with some of the newest toys, worlds of diff in capabilities. ultimate goal is to find the right one for the clubs emergency trailer. seeing the bands and whats going on, is priceless 🙂

  68. KG

    Will be used when I go on the road to travel. Will uses with ADS-B for Air Travel and then to decode NXDN, DMR, etc. when monitoring at my travel destination.

  69. CB

    If I were to win an Airspy I would enjoy POCSAG decoding. So many dispatch channels have gone encrypted here, police blotters can no longer easily be published but POCSAG still sees reasonable use. Similarly using it to decode Mototurbo and some proprietary speech codecs when scanning would be very fun.

    When not doing something so understood, I would try my hand at circut spectrum analysis and would enjoy the Spyverter for understanding HF propagation better (a nod to the previous WWV comment). Receiving GOES would also be amazing.

  70. beta-tester

    hmm, what i would do with an AirSpy / AirVerter?
    that’s easy:
    i would tear the world in me…
    spy and dominate the whole world…
    ha ha ha.. 😀
    am i now disqualified?

  71. Kerteszradio

    I use any kit to listen HAM radio (especially satellite), generic shortwave (ultility station), listening a 27mHz CB band, and use downconverter, detecting a noise source, especially monitor,router, poorly mobile phone charger/adapter, unshield VGA cable etc . . . Currently use a cheap 820 dongle with hardware direct sampling mod combined with external home-made low-pass filters. The all things first : i’m amazing to (it means generic) SDR, no one hear the signal – i see it ! We get to know the radio frequency spectrum as never seen before. I am convinced that transforms the perception of SDR Radio image, and this change is just begun. And finally : Happy new year everybody !

  72. Bo :o)

    I would use my present stick for a more static setup listening for Pocsag msg´s from the local fire service, and use the Airspy for my experiments ( assuming it performs better than my present stick 😉 )

  73. Pylou83

    The pleasure of listening to the waves, the whole world, the joy of receiving a beautiful picture transmitted by a weather satellite, receiving at sea a weather bulletin emitted via Navtex, transmitting messages via Outernet, receiving info via Immarsat, listening a station In his mother tongue on the other side of the earth! It’s great to be able to do all this with technology so advanced and yet easily transportable. Congratulations and happy new year!

  74. Smits

    With Spyverter I could listen to HF amateur radio; with Airspy I could set up AIS or ADSB server. Also I want to have fun with NOAA satellite image receiving.

  75. LucaArco

    Hello to everybody, I’m new to SDR and I’ d like to use the Airspy for L band satellites and Spyverter to tune to LF/MW/HF frequencies between DC-30 MHz. Thanks from Italy..

  76. Phil

    As Radio Ham I would like to use Airspy and Spyverter for two reasons:
    Weather ballons tracking
    Panadapter functions

  77. Triantafyllos

    Very cool competition! I would really like to get some SDR gear for listening on HF bands. I would like to create a remotely operated SDR that one could access from the internet to listen on the HF signals available in my area. That would help transmitting ham operators to see how far their signal goes!

  78. Simas LY3EU

    Since i’m a ham, I would use it as an panadapter, would try to connect to outernet with the airspy, I would finally get motivated to learn how to use the gnu radio and not to play CS:GO on my free time. 73!
    Simas LY3EU

  79. Anthony Ricco

    I just finished getting an MS in Comp Sci and I want to use my free time to learn about software defined radio. Thanks for the opportunity!

  80. Chandrapal

    I would like to use AirSpy for the following:
    – learn more about the existing frequencies used by the current IoT devices
    – to use it during IoT and NFC pentests
    – to know more about the surveillance programs around me (if any)
    – to experiment and also try to develop to gain more benefits from the device

  81. Jesus Rios

    My father is an electronic engineer and radio amateur since 1967… from 7 years old he teach me all i know now about electronics and telecommunications… from valves and coils to basics of modern electronics, now i have 43 years old an a son of 7 years old and a daughter of 3 years and i wnat to teach both as same way i learned…

    From my point of view the future is sdr.. (like DMR) .in all ways… I live in a politically difficult country where the all media are censored, for people like me ( with knowledge of electronics and telecommunications) is very useful a simple and portable system to know what happen in our country… Apart from what I said earlier about my children learning everything I know and these new technologies.

    As i said… SDR is the future.

    Sorry my english

    Thanks in advance:
    Jesus Rios

  82. Blagoja Gjakovski

    I would like to start exploring very low frequency radio signals, determine modes (modulations) that are used, and listen CW communications.

  83. Tyler K

    I’d love to setup an APRS igate for my area. Monitor smart meters from around the neighborhood. Setup a fully automatic NOAA receiver that posts received images to the web automatically.

  84. BMW

    I would use it for use it for receiving P25 and digital HF and possibly seeing if it can be integrated into some of the scripts and tools we use at work.

  85. Sam

    I would love to start exploring radio astronomy, in particular exploring some of our near neighbors as this is what my son is currently learning about in school.

  86. Dan Brandon

    Being a member of a astronomy club the airspy with the Astro spy software would a great addition to some outreach events also using it for meteor scatter demonstration would be a wonderful way build interest in astronomy as well in the hobby of SDR’s .One last thing I would do if I had the full setup is to have fun playing and learning.

  87. Peter Cumminsky

    Here in Central Florida I’d like to listen to the Caribbean and South/Central American stations on Shortwave and try to get World-Wide Shortwave broadcasts along with HF Aviation freqs and HF Marine communications on the Spyverter and better my current V/UHF reception. Also I’d like to listen to HAM radio and maybe get my license.

  88. Javiyo

    I would love to have an Airspy because I only have a normal dongle, I would love to upgrade to an Airspy and probably would do the same as I do with my current dongle: NOAA, listening to HAM radio, TETRA decoding… And I would definitely try ADB-S decoding, with the upconverter I would try to listen to HAM radio.

  89. Mahesh Jain

    hello RTL SDR team,
    i am delighted and excited to enter in to this contest.
    i would like to have the AIRSPY kit to explore more frequencies because my radio can offer my a limited spectrum of broadcast band. i would like to explore air band, VHF and UHF frequencies.
    hope i will win
    thanks again
    mahesh jain

  90. Richard McKinney

    Really trying to get a good and fairly sensitive RF receiving system using low-power SDR components.
    I live on Kodiak island and do not have access to the HAM swap meets or other easily accessed surplus sources to ‘roll’ my own solutions. I will begin with enhancing my ADS-B system to include the ability to listen to shortwave stations as well as downloading weather satellite images.

  91. Justin Armstrong

    I would use it as a primary receiver instead of one of the cheap ones that I currently use. I have lost a couple of them already due to cheap construction. Would be nice to have a quality component.

  92. Keith Nuesslein

    An airspy’s increased dynamic range and spyverter should allow me to get much better s/n ratio to receive weaker signals in the HF band especially in band where strong broadcast HF stations tend to drown out weaker ssb with an rtlsdr dongle. Using the increased bandwith, I can see much more of the spectrum which makes it easier to find interesting signals. In particular, this will allow me to see 20 meters and 40 meters simultaneously. Also it should be possible with a few more components to characterize filters and determine return loss of antennas using spectrum spy.

  93. N0BGS

    I’d like to compare the performance of the Airspy with my SDRPlay and FDM-S2 SDRs. Probably not fair against the FDM-S2 but oh well, lets find out! On my 800-ft Beverage the SDRPlay gets completely overloaded. Will the Airspy also??

  94. Tim

    There are too many things to play with, this would push me to my limit and want to get my next level ham radio licence so I can also operate HF. Without the ability to RX HF bands at the moment I am unmotivated to sink money into an HF rig that I can’t afford. I’ve had my licence for over a decade and always wanted to explore the lower bands. But I also have RTL-TCP set up to share my SDRs with friends so we can also add to the online WebSDR project when not experimenting, so others can.

  95. Valentin

    I wanted to capture two signals since years. Unfortenately I am simply not equipped with the needed Devices to find and capture those Frequencies. I hope, you can help me out with this.
    First: The Schumann Resonances. Resonances in the ELF portion of the earth’s electromagnetic field. Extremely hard to capture; A big, homemade, underground Antenna is needed.
    Second: Number Stations. There are some russian one’s that are still broadcasting. I want to hear and capture them by myself.
    Thanks for your support!

  96. Noam Livne

    I’d like to get my hands on one of these wonderful items as an addition and an improvement to the reception of my generic dongle.
    Thank you!

  97. Jim Nagle

    I would like to use the AirSpy as one of our receivers in our shack at the South Florida Science Center to support the ThumbSat / ThumbNet effort. I would also like to explore the potential to use a derivative of the AirSpy as the payload for a ThumbSat we are developing.

    • Joshua

      I’d get into DX, and analyzing all the fascinating signals around me that are outside (below) the range of my current RTL rig. And if I won one of the Airspy units, I’d give one of my existing receivers to someone who’d put it to good use.

  98. Louis Collins

    I would use it to receive signals from weather satellites and high altitude balloons. Possibly even for improved ADS-B reception.

  99. JDragonB

    Gee, Brain, what do you want to do with an Airspy?
    The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to listen the world!

  100. Dragan

    Improving the existing (modified) rtl dongle. ATM using it as a crude spectrum analyzer and occasional pan-adapter. Up-converter should improve performance.

  101. Shawn

    I’d start with QRM hunting, tracking down all of the RF interference around my house! Then I’d move on to decoding some of the signals that can be found outside of the amateur spectrum.

  102. Thibaut

    Playing with rtl-sdr sticks since few years now, i would like to try new horizons in decoding hight quality meteo images that require a bandwidth higher than our standard “cheap” devices (3Mbps and more).
    The HF side will also be very nice, allowing me to receive by my side the long distance qso, avoiding me to use websdr’s.
    Thank you, and keep making good hardware ! 🙂

  103. George Eagle

    Since I already own one, I would give it to my colleague at work as a post Christmas present. There is nothing better that inviting in another person into the beautiful world of SDR. His wife though, will probably not appreciate this. 🙂

  104. Flo

    Last year i started playing around with satellite Signals ( especially Thuraya ) and my RTL-SDR failed me at those frequencies. I still have materials from last time to build a bigger & better helix antenna, i’d enjoy working on that again.
    Since i live in Munich i’d use the spyverter to listen in on ham radio users from Switzerland and the lake of constance, i always enjoy listening to them talk about the weather and the view.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  105. Athanasios

    Postgraduate researcher creating a testbed to prove a theory/algorithm in real life implementation. I try to keep the cost as low as possible. With the airspy and spyverter I could perform measurements I could not otherwise and possibly invest more money to buy a bunch more for a real life application.

  106. Justin Stiles

    I would use this for my Senior Design Project which is redundant RF communications. My group needs an SDR to prove that our project is working. We are going to jam one frequency and watch as the data stream switches automatically to another transceiver operating on another frequency. The SDR will show what is happening in real time.

  107. Caesar

    It would be a dream come true, to exchange my current RTL2832U dongle and catch all those signals that are currently eluding my setup.

  108. AD5NL

    I ordered an AirSpy Mini myself just this past week; I plan on using it with my VHF (weather + Amsat Mode J) satellite reception setup. I am currently using a ThumbNet N3, which is lower noise than RTL dongle, but has some annoying images and spurs.

    If I had a *second* AirSpy and/or Spyverter, I would use it for my favorite HF activities:

    * Monitoring digital communications on the 40, 30 and 20 meter bands (I am one of those hams that does a lot more listening than talking)
    * Listening to international broadcasters.
    * Use it as a monitor receiver for 15, 12 and 10 meters so that I know when the DX is coming in. (When I do talk as a ham, I really like to “work the skip” on 10 meters SSB).

  109. Avamander

    What I would do?

    Probably finally start to try and receive all the wireless weather station, energy meter, remote door signals. Basically just utilize it somehow in my home automation system.

  110. Satmate

    Hi,at the moment I have a generic blue R820T2 dongle that I use for
    receiving weathersats,2mtr/70cm ham band,small sats in the 70cm band,
    ISS,L band.On my To do list is getting a upconverter for shortwave reception.
    A Airspy +/or Spyverter would be a great improvement over what I now use.

    Also: Best wishes to you all for the new year 73

  111. Mikael Dagman

    If I win I will explore the vlf part of the spectrum like wspr on 630m, 2200m, radio time signals, NDB beacons and so on.

  112. Dan Wright

    Hi! This is just what we’re looking for to put in the observatory’s ham shack. We have some antennas that are ready to use this and all we need is the airspy r2 and spyverter to get us in the game. We currently are using the rtl-sdr dongles for APRS into a pi3, but this opens up a whole new world for us. Ideally, we want to make this combination available to any of our members and volunteers who would like to use this over the internet.

  113. Hoang Nguyen

    In my country – Vietnam, there are so many fishermen, and their life rely on the little amount of income base on fishing. Go to offshore region that mean no telephone signal, the only wave they can communicate with the shore station is from the HF transceiver on board. However, they are all analog devices, and the same with the offshore transceivers, so all the weather forecast, storm notification or contact to their home all done manually.
    With a AirSpy2 and a Spyverter, I will build an automate station working on HF band that frequently transmit weather forecast to offshore fishing vessels help them to have a reliable and latest news from mainland.

  114. kedan zhao

    If I win, I will use it doing some research for RF data acq of new Galileo sat to verify a possibility of using raw IF data (as little as possible) to get current position (mixed with GPS and Galileo). A concept of “PUSH and GET” position app in cell phone will be developed (in order to meet E911) basic on this research. This method will resolve the issue of battery usage of cell phone if GPS is tracking.

  115. Kiza

    Current rig consists of one cheapest chinese dongle, i can only imagine what those can do. Especially in LF/MW/HF frequencies.

  116. Leno

    Introducing my students to the ham world and made them discover what is around us in term of radiowave.
    Definitely trying to make new passions !

  117. San

    as a newcomer to SDR, I would like to test Airspy’s sensitivity to ADS-B and more em spectrum, as RTL-SDR’s power is very much limited


    I would like to use an AIRSPY to receive HRPT images from meteorological satellites NOAA, METEOR. regards

  119. Eric Wilson

    This would be awesome! I am currently without any equipment and limited to online SDR’s as with a 6 year old daughter and a wife in college full time, I don’t have the cash to purchase any toys for myself. I would use it for SWL (even though I do have a license!), mainly utility stations, number stations, and a few broadcast stations (my wife is Brasilian and likes to hear the news from her country live…).

    Thanks for a most generous give a way!

  120. miknuu

    I would be scanning the HF spectrum with long wire antenna. dxing, and also getting a dish to check out 1.2-1.7ghz satellites.

  121. Lich

    I’ll use this kit to provide radio reconnaissance in war against russia in the east of Ukraine.
    Even if i don’t win, i’ll purchase Airspy+Spyverter when money permits.

  122. Reader

    I’d love to get a much better and clearer reception of the HF bands than what the direct mod can provide on a standard rtl.

  123. Anonymous

    [email protected]
    I would like to use the contest-supplied Airspy R2 plus SpyVerter along with a second unit to make simultaneous comparisons of the signal to noise ratio for HF frequencies of two different antennas, to overcome local man-made noise and be able to hear more weak signals. One antenna system is 2 phased 8′ active verticals, and the comparison antennas include a horizontal wire, an active 1 meter loop, a single high-dynamic-range 3′ active vertical, and an amplified small horizontal dipole, and a novel directional active antenna.

  124. Lilian putina

    I’d like to try to catch signals from satellites weather airband to listen, to listen weak radio signals, to listen radio stations for receive QSL Cards.

  125. jason peet

    with such an amazing device the uses of such a great device is limitless. will use it for outernet, pretty much the entire radio spectrum.

  126. Jonathan

    I would use it to reverse engineer 433mhz signals from the multitude of sensors in my house (and contribute to the open source rtl433 project).

    • Chudgoo

      I’d like to make a tiny altoids box sized SDR type device for decoding digital or analog public safety radio comms that can stream to broadcastify and be affordable enough to be able to ship them preconfigured to out of state friends

  127. Sergio

    I would use it in conjunction with my simple IC706 and (when on downtime) use it as a RBN receive station, first in Portugal 🙂

  128. Bosko

    I want to use for ARPS, to listen Radio, to Analize, to Hacking, to Measure…. to everything do to get MAX of that device.

  129. Jonathan

    I’m currently working on making beautiful wideband waterfall graphs using pyrtlsdr. An airspy would make it much faster! The Spyverter would be fun for listening to the LF bands and future projects. I haven’t listened to those; I don’t even know what all is down there! I’ve read that there are super low throughput digital signals that can be heard throughout the world; that sounds fun to me.

  130. Philip Robinson

    I’m interested in all aspects of Radio Communications on UHF/VHF and HF and these products are fantastic and are the best products available today in my opinion. I’d use them to listen to Airband and HF frequencies and i’d also like to get in to receiving weather images.

  131. Adam

    Hi – I’d use it for many things but top of my list is for listening to myself on the downlink on ssb sats to confirm I’m getting in and on freq. However weather sats images etc too 🙂 and with the Spyverter it would be even better 🙂

  132. Nicolas K

    I would use airspy and spyverter to share VLF/LF and part of HF on a openWebRX receiver for everyone can access it.

  133. davidl

    HF: continue help develop software for weak signals like wspr/jt65/jt9 etc
    VHF: contribute to build better air-sharing for satellite/balloongs for openwebrx/satnogs.

  134. Alex

    I want to go deeper in this. I got a chinesse dongle and I’m thrilled with it. I can’t imagine how much I can enjoy the Airspy hardware.

  135. Karsten

    I’d like to explore the spectrum analyser and use it as a panadapter for an HF radio and do random listening with it.

  136. Tim

    I would like to find some aliens or just some airplanes above my head, it depents on the amount of alcohol i’ve been trinking during the holidays. 🙂

  137. Rui CR7ALW

    I’d like to explore the spectrum analyser and use it as a panadapter for an HF radio and do random listening with it.

  138. Pietro

    I would use it to decode and analyze signals from HF to UHF in windows/linux gnuradio, learning about modulations and codes.

  139. Roman

    If I get the Airspy, I would pair it with other Airspy I already own and high precision frequency standard in order to experiment with coherent receiver.

  140. Casey Jordan

    I would love to experiment with exploring multiplexed fm radio signals and demodulate embedded subcarriers for extra listening options. The way FM carriers are put together is fascinating. Thanks.

  141. Mehdi

    I would use it as a ground-station receiver.
    Also, with Spyverter it can be used to create a simple reverse beacon 🙂

  142. Miguel de Castro

    Me gustaría tener el Spyverter para escuchar radioaficionados, el Airspy para hacer seguimiento de aviones y recibir satelites

  143. Miguel de Castro

    Quiero el Airspy y el SpyVerter para hacer seguimiento de aviones,recibir satélites y para escuchar radioaficionados

  144. Arrio Antonelli

    Hello all,
    I would like to use airspy as low cost bit high tech spectrum analyzer and modulation analyzer with GNUradio or similari software.
    Arrio Antonelli

  145. marco

    I would like to use it for contest in ham radio and eme qso (earth-moon-earth radio contact, using our satellite for radio reflection to make radio contacts).

  146. Axel Bak

    I will set up a receiving station at our local scouting club to make as many youngsters as possible enthousiastic for the radio hobby. We have a nice wooden club house with a desk op the first floor where we could make our radio setup!

  147. Tran Quoc Khue

    Currently, I have a RTL2832U dongle. Its’ really nice. I’ve used it with my radio telescope. But for hydrogen spectrum observation, it becomes a challenge. Now, I wish to have Airspy dongle, so I can get better data with lower noise, lower temperature. I’m also trying with interferometers. With new dongle, I can do more with my radio telescope researches.
    Also then, I can use the new dongle with outreach programs in Vietnam.

  148. Mohamed Yaaseen

    I currently set up station for NOAA weather satellite reception using a 10$ DVB dongle .If i get this Airspy and spyverter I would love to monitor HF ,VLF and LF bands .Building SID stations ,BPM time signal reception .And i would Also like to have a receive Jupiters noise @20.1 Mhz

  149. Brad Smith

    I want to take mine to work (on the 27th floor) and play short wave listener and monitor ham bands during lunch hour!

  150. Veeru

    Recently I started pentesting various IoT gadgets with help SDR , And Airspy device is more useful to testing and analyzing radio i required this airspy

  151. Alexander

    I intend to make a monitoring station, for the earthquake and thunder; and / or a showroom for children school, to explain the digital world of radio communications.
    My best 73 to all !

  152. Simon

    I want to add one to a 4m satellite dish to provide a downlink for the lunar cubesat missions – the data will be provided back to the mission teams via internet – the downlinks on X band will be fed into a LNC /LNA combo and an airspy would be the perfect back end receiver

  153. Eric

    I would demo the airapy and/or spyverter at the Dayton Mini Maker Faire in early August where we’ll be having several amateur radio demonstrations!

  154. mngrif

    I would use it for Outernet and POCSAG snooping 🙂
    With the transverter it would be fun on the digital sub bands on HF/LF, 473KHz WSPR for example.

  155. ld123

    What I would do with it is use it to listen to trunked channels with frequencies outside the 2 mhz bandwidth of the regular r820t dongle.

  156. Bin Kenney

    If I won either the AirSpy Mini or the R2, I would completely upgrade the standard RTL-SDR dongle with the RTL2832 with higher end performing chip so I can sweep in those weaker signals that just simply can’t be seen with those noisy low-cost RTL solutions, and with the SpyVerter I hope to inch on that 60 kHz WWV signal beacon tone, or just simple tune into AM broadcast in my local rural area. ***Thanks for the great opportunity to give your readers, us, the chance to win something that isn’t so boring, what a great post-Christmas gift!***

  157. Pablo Ricardo

    I would monitor local emergency services mostly — maybe give ADS-B a shot to monitor the local airfield traffic.

  158. John

    My interests include the monitoring of MW signals, digital decoding of signals in the VHF/UHF LMR band and amateur/commercial satellites. I would use an Airspy and/or Spyverter as part of the station I would build for these endeavors

  159. ScottS

    I just built a new SDR computer over the Christmas holiday. SDR hardware is next, and Airspy is my preferred choice.

    Uses will be mainly public safety communications, as well as DMR with GNU Radio. I need a cleaner spectrum in the 450/770 MHz range!

  160. Tony

    I would use the airspy/spyverter for HF,acars,adsb,sats,Mil,resonance-circuits monitoring,filter testing,
    Antenna design testing…and much much more….cheers Tony.

  161. Neil

    I currently use a Spyverter with my RTL dongle and love it. It would defiantly be a treat to experience the build quality and 10mhz band view of the Airspy !

  162. Bill Crann

    If I won an Airspy and or SpyVerter I would take it to my local school and show the tech class what it could do, and hopefully get some young minds interested in one of the many RF projects you could build using the Airspy and or SpyVerter!

  163. JayEmbee

    I would love an Airspy to expand my research into the my local HF vs. VHF vs. UHF propogation. It’s tough to do with a limited bandwidth device in a timely manner. More bandwidth = more work done.

  164. Matt Frazer

    This would allow me to get rid of my Hodge podge collection of 3 different manufacturers of sdr and converter into a higher quality homogeneous setup. It would be awesome.

  165. Stephen Smith

    This would be amazing! I am wanting to experiment with some passive radar and receiving ACARS. Happy New Year!

  166. Walter Francis

    Reception of HF, shortwave, and tie into my meager HF station I have at the house with a 10/20/4/80 fan dipole and a few planar and discones for higher bands.

  167. WacKEDmaN

    as im relatively new to the radio and SDR world, and only used cheap RTL dongle, id like to try the next level of hardware!..the 12bit ADC would help with sensitivity issues im having with weak signals on ham bands and the strong broadcast AM nearby…id also like to get into Outernet, i just need a good excuse to build a patch antenna!

  168. Matias

    I want to test it, and receive a lot of things (Hamradio, Sats, Plains), and review it for my blog, and encourage to others to buy it. Thanks for the oportunity, from Argentina (Buenos Aires).

    Mati LU9CBL

  169. Rick Boatright

    I would love to have an airspy and spy vertex to go with my qrp transmitter used for jt65 and jt9 in hf bands. A better receiver always beats a better transmitter. You HAVE TO hear them….

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