HDSDR Updated to Version 2.70. Now with Autocorrelation Feature for Signal Identification

HDSDR, a popular SDR program used with the RTL-SDR dongle has been updated to version 2.70. The new features include

- better CPU utilization
- added Automatic Notch Filter
- added AFC for AM and FM. AFC can be deactivated in ECSS mode
- smoothed S-Meter display
- enhanced parameters for ‘SDR on IF output’
- new keyboard shortcuts for Lo/HiCut and WAV files
- ‘spectrum’ switchable to Autocorrelation/Cepstrum display (Click on ‘Spectrum’ label)
- TX-Button for HRD(DDE) / CAT to HDSDR
- added ‘Double Size’ option in Frequency Input Dialog
- Frequency Manager now provides 5 User Banks

The new autocorrelation feature is particularly useful for signal identification. The authors of HDSDR have created a webpage showing what the autocorrelation feature can be used for, and how to use it.

HDSDR Autocorrelation Feature
HDSDR Autocorrelation Feature

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