SDRSharp Trunking Plugin Updated

Reddit user rtlsdr_is_fun has updated the SDRSharp Unitrunker trunking plugin so that it works with the latest versions of SDRSharp. See the thread here for more information and a download link. Use this plugin to allow Unitrunker to control SDRSharp, so you can listen to trunked radio conversations. A new tutorial on doing this can be found here.

SDRSharp Trunker Plugin

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  1. Kaj

    Hi hope some one can help me!? I try to install this trunking plugin in to my (SDR# V1.0.0.1491 RTL-SDR)
    I have everything installed like Remote.dll in folder where I find Unitrunker.xml and SDRSharp.Trunker.dll in the right place.

    Ok now the problem starts Can’t find the line “” in SDRSharp.exe.Config

    It’s says add the line at “”, but before ” ??????????????

    I find this line in Plugins.xml and tryed to add the line here but NO sucess what so ever.

    I would be very glad to get some advice and help from somebody who are a expert in this.

    Best regardes Kaj OH2EVF

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