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Using the SDRplay RSP2 for Accurate RF Power Measurement + A New RSP2 Review

Over on YouTube Jon, head of SDRplay marketing has uploaded a video showing how the SDRplay RSP2 can be used for accurate RF power measurements. In the video he shows how well calibrated the RSP2 is by comparing how well the power measurements in SDRuno match with a signal generator at various frequencies and power levels.

Later in the video he shows how RF power measurements can be used in a field situation by using the RSP2 and SDRuno to compare the performance of two different whip antennas.

Secondly, a new review of the RSP2 by the Radio Society of Great Britain’s RadCom monthly magazine has been released to the web (pdf). The review goes over the RSP2 features and design, and also explores how an external GPS-DO can be used as the clock. The review also tests how well the RSP2 is calibrated for RF power measurements, and finds that in the worst case at 434 MHz at low power levels it is only at most about 1.1 dB out.

Photo of the RSP2 PCB from the RadCom review.
Photo of the RSP2 PCB from the RadCom review.

SDR-Console V3 Preview Updated to Support the SDRplay RSP2

Recently Jon from the SDRplay team wrote in to let us know that SDR-Console V3 (preview version) has just been updated and it now supports the RSP2. The RSP2 is the successor to the popular RSP1 software defined radio. It has improved filtering, more input ports, improved LNA, and just overall improved performance. See our initial RSP2 review here. They write:

Many thanks to Simon Brown for updating SDR-Console V3 Preview to fully support both the RSP1 and the RSP2- you can download the software from http://sdr-radio.com/v3_preview_downloads (be sure to click on the software link under where it says ‘Downloads’ unless you want to download the software from the advertisers who support Simon’s work!)

As new YouTube demo videos of SDR-Console V3 in action become available, we will add them to the playlists on our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/SDRplayRSP

The RSP2 now supports its native SDRUno software, HDSDR through an extIO module, CubicSDR and now SDR-Console V3.

The RSP2
The RSP2