It is easy to get scammed by sellers peddling counterfeit RTL-SDR Blog V3 units. Please ensure that you are getting a Genuine RTL-SDR Blog V3 by checking the sellers account name. Our official account names are:

Amazon: RTL-SDR Blog

eBay: rtl-sdr-blog

Aliexpress: RTLSDRBlog Store | Store No.4523039

99% of other sellers on marketplace websites like eBay and Aliexpress claiming to sell RTL-SDR Blog V3 units are selling fake units with poorer performance, and most are missing features like the HF mode, bias tee and TCXO. Official local resellers are listed at

The dongles with blue or green cases or square rectangular silver cases with four screws, or those advertised as "Pro" are not ours. Those dongles use poorer quality components, are designed cheaply, and may not have all the V3 features. We cannot provide any support for counterfeits and these do not help support the running of the blog and the design of new products.