ADS-B Decoder dump1090 now Available on Windows

Dump1090 is a popular command line ADS-B decoder which many people believe has superior decoding performance compared to other decoding software. Previously it has only been available for Linux and Mac operating systems, however recently it has been updated with a Windows command line version. The most up to date branch of dump1090 can be downloaded from GitHub here.

To install dump1090 on Windows follow these steps:

  1. Download the dump1090 zip file from the GitHub download link.
  2. Download the official RTL-SDR Windows release from
  3. Copy the libusb-1.0.dll, rtlsdr.dll and pthreadVC2-w32.dll files from the official RTL-SDR Windows release zip file to the dump1090 folder. Rename pthreadVC2-w32.dll to pthreadVC2.dll.
  4. Double click on dump1090.bat.

The batch file starts a dump1090 webserver which can be viewed in any browser by going to http://localhost:8080. You may wish to edit the batch file and add extra flags such as –aggressive and/or –fix to improve decoding.

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When trying to d/load 1090 all I get is error 404…

Steve C.

In step #2, Download the official RTL-SDR Windows from, that link no longer works. Can anyone say what was supposed to be downloaded from there and where to find it now?


you receive any advice on this?


I saw that tar1090, an improved dump1090, has been released for LINUX. Is there a Windows version with the improvements of tar1090?


To those having issues with dump1090 on Windows (eg. the 0xc000007b error):
The libusb-1.0.dll, rtlsdr.dll and pthreadVC2-w32.dll files are also available in the SDR# download (Windows SDR Software Package) from
1. Download the SDR# x86 (do not use the x64 version) zip file.
2. Copy libusb-1.0.dll, rtlsdr.dll and pthreadVCE2.dll from the downloaded SDR# zip file to the folder where you extracted dump1090.exe and its companion files, overwriting any files if necessary.
3. Rename pthreadVCE2.dll to pthreadVC2.dll, overwriting the original file if necessary.

For some reason, dump1090 then works properly for me, but when using the files from I get the 0xc000007b error.
Also, for the dump1090.bat file, I find adding the “–gain 48.0 –fix” options work best for me (I use the RTL-SDR.COM v2 dongle on Win 10 x64), but YMMV. Too much gain, you get lots of decode errors due to noise, so be careful.

Steve C.

There isn’t any dump1090.bat to run in the zip file from Github so how do I run it?

Steve Gorz

Thank You, Anonymous… Works for me in Win11. I also ran compatibility manager on dump1090.exe to emulate Win8.




No *.bat file in anymore. So how to install the software?

petrus bitbyter


i did everything as described but after I run bat or exe file I am getting this message. Tried on windows 7.

Jerry Ross

I have found and fixed a bug in the version of dump1090.c that I downloaded under the name MalcomRobb’s dump1090_master. The bug prevents dump1090 from supporting multiple sdrs on my windows machine. How and to whom do I report the fix?
Jerry Ross

Tanko sule

Hi Jerry Ross, can you please report your findings here. I can’t get dump 1090 to work on Windows 10.