An online Software Defined Radio training course

We’ve recently found what looks to be a new online video based course that uses the RTL-SDR to teach basic software defined radio topics. The course is not free, it is priced at $29.99, but the first three videos are free. Judging from the first three videos the content appears to be quite basic, but is presented in a very clear way that may be useful for beginners. Currently the lessons include:

  1. Course Overview 

    Welcome to the exciting world of Software Defined Radio. In this video, we’ll discuss what SDR is, and why it’s such a hot button topic right now.

  2. Setting up the environment

    In this module, we’ll setup our environment for development. If you’re already very comfortable with Ubuntu, you might want to just follow the guide below.

  3. Browsing the spectrum 

    In this module, we’ll cut our teeth on GRQX, and learn a little about the radio spectrum.

  4. Signals Intelligence

    In this module, we’ll learn how to find transmissions in the frequency domain, and capture them to disk for offline analysis.

  5. Modulations

    In this module, we’ll learn how to identify two types of basic digital transmissions, and talk a little about the history of radio.

  6. Demodulation – Part 1

    In this module, we’ll practice capturing signals in the wild, identifying the modulation, and demodulating the signal with GNU Radio.

  7. Demodulation – Part 2

    In this module, we’ll learn about clock recovery. And we’ll pull out packets from the garage door remote.

It also appears that they plan to have some live classes in the future.

We note that there are also alternative SDR training courses available such as Micheal Ossmanns lessons at


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Dean Weiten

The course is still online, and is still $29.99, but the site is obsolete and is now at Tactical Nework Solutions.


I have visited the site when this article came out, and the price was of 1,99$, so the admin site probably have changed the price after this visible article…this is shameful.

Thanks to i have followed the Micheal Ossmanns lessons, are free and clear.

Eduardo Ade Fontcuberta

Dear Sir:
I want to take your course. BUT I learned many years ago that any course that you take SHOULD be registered and that experience written down. Handling a certificate is RTL-SDR.COM should be a requirement, cost you nothing in pdf form and would reward the effort and expense.

Jeff Schallenberg

Just a small correction.

The course costs $29.99, not $1.99 as stated in the article!