1. Justin Phelps

    The instructions in the git repo work for me on ubuntu 20

    ========== For Ubuntu
    “sudo apt-get install libqt5multimedia5-plugins qtmultimedia5-dev qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools libqt5opengl5-dev qtbase5-dev libusb-1.0 librtlsdr-dev”

    “mkdir out && cd out && cmake ../ && make”

    “librtlsdr-dev” is in the “universe” repo. (utopic 14.10 amd64.)

  2. DC

    I have not seen good tutorials for it, but on latest Mint (Rosa) at this time of posting, got it installed and working with my UHD device. I am sure it will work with my rtl. It is lacking on plugins, but the narrow band fm plugin accepts alterations so I could get fm radio working okay.

    Difficulties: you have to install the full QT package from the company that provides that. Default install is not good enough. I installed 5.0.2 and the latest, 5.5. That company drops a “.run” file, which runs well when double click on it.

    Only other build difficulty was my system lacking opengl dev. Like any build, took a few seconds to copy and paste a portion of the error message and get the name of that package.

    Then, it did the full build and install quite well, where I only had to supply that cmake value they suggest supplying once.

    It is pretty as the picture shows, and has some interesting display functionality. Not sure if I will dig really deep into it or not, yet, but good to have ‘yet another’ good SDR working on linux.

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