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Where to Buy RTL-SDR RTL2832U DVB-T Tuner Dongles

At we sell significantly improved premium RTL-SDR dongles but keep our profits low and offer free shipping in order to maintain low retail pricing. We strongly believe that our V3 dongles are currently the best 'bang for your buck' RTL-SDR dongles available on the market. Please see the V3 features pdf datasheet here for full information on the improvements made, and our V3 users guide for information on using special features of our dongle. If you are new to RTL-SDR check out our about page first. Briefly, our dongles come with the following improvements:

  • <1 PPM temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO) – Accurate tuning and almost zero temperature drift (2 PPM max. initial offset, 0.5-1 PPM temperature drift)
  • SMA female antenna port – Generic dongles use the less common MCX or PAL antenna ports. SMA is more common, so more adapters and antennas are available for it. It is also more durable and has lower RF insertion losses.
  • 4.5V USB powered bias tee - This allows the RTL-SDR to power low noise amplifiers (like the LNA4ALL, HABAMP, RTL-SDR Blog ADS-B LNA) and active antennas through the coax cable. Can be enabled in software (see V3 users guide).
  • HF Direct Sampling Mode - Listen to 500 kHz - 24 MHz with direct sampling. Simply connect an HF antenna to the SMA port, and choose the Q-branch mode. There is a built in 25 MHz low pass filter, but additional HF filters may be required for optimal performance (e.g. to attenuate strong MW AM).
  • Aluminium case and passive cooling - These units come stock with an aluminium case and passive cooling via a silicon thermal pad. This stops reception failing due to heat when used above ~1.2 GHz.
  • Improved Antennas - We provide an excellent dipole antenna starter kit for newbies. Use the included mounts and extension cable to mount the dipole in good position for optimal reception. Receives terrestrial and VHF satellite signals.
  • Various additional improvements compared to other RTL-SDRs – R820T2 tuner, higher quality passive components, a choke on the USB line to reduce USB noise, a much improved PCB design for significantly less internal spurs and noise, various break-out pads, improved ESD protection, additional bypass capacitors and ferrite power line chokes, improved front end matching circuit, a modified power design for improved long term reliability, and a better LDO.

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Counterfeit Warning

No one in particular owns the "RTL-SDR" concept, so anyone can sell their own RTL-SDR dongles. On this site and on various marketplaces we sell our own custom modified and improved RTL-SDRs under our brand "RTL-SDR Blog" and "RTL-SDR.COM". On marketplace sites like eBay/Aliexpress etc scammers may be falsely selling their own dongles under our brand names. The dongles with blue or green cases or square rectangular silver cases with four screws, or those advertised as "Pro" are not ours. Those dongles use poorer quality components, are designed cheaply, and may not have all the V3 features. We cannot provide support for counterfeits and these do not help support the running of the blog and the design of new products. The best place to purchase RTL-SDR Blog V3 dongles is directly from our store on this page, or the local resellers listed above.

RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with Dipole Antenna Kit
RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with Dipole Antenna Kit

Includes 1x RTL-SDR Blog brand R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA V3 Dongle, 1x Dipole Antenna Base with 60cm RG174, 2x 23cm to 1m telescopic antenna, 2x 5cm to 13cm telescopic antenna, 1x 3 meter RG174 extension cable, 1x Flexible Tripod Mount, 1x Suction Cup Mount.

The best value RTL-SDR on the market! Several improvements over generic brands including use of the R820T2 tuner, a 1 PPM temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO), SMA F connector, aluminium case with passive cooling, software switchable bias tee circuit, additional ESD protection, lower overall noise and built in direct sampling for basic HF reception.

Comes with our portable dipole antenna kit. Great for beginners as it allows for terrestrial and satellite reception. Easy to mount outdoors and designed for portable and temporary outside usage. Please do not use outside during poor weather conditions.

Amazon USA local in stock. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio (Dongle Only)
RTL-SDR Blog V3 R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio (Dongle Only)

Includes 1x RTL-SDR Blog brand R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA V3 Dongle.

The best value RTL-SDR on the market! Several improvements over generic brands including use of the R820T2 tuner, a 1 PPM temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO), SMA F connector, aluminium case with passive cooling, software switchable bias tee circuit, additional ESD protection, lower overall noise and built in direct sampling for basic HF reception.

Amazon USA local in stock. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

KerberosSDR 4x Coherent RTL-SDR For Direction Finding and Passive Radar
KerberosSDR 4 Channel Coherent RTL-SDR For Direction Finding & Passive Radar

Includes 1x KerberosSDR with Calibration Board built in.

We have partnered with to create a special production of a 4-Input Coherent RTL-SDR called KerberosSDR. With a coherent SDR it is possible to perform tasks such as direction finding and passive radar. Currently available through the Othernet store (see store and for more info)

Your purchase helps fund development of open source software that takes advantage of coherent RTL-SDR receivers!

Batch 2 Available. Ships via Othernet in the USA.

YouLoop Portable Passive Magnetic Loop Antenna
YouLoop Portable Passive Magnetic Loop Antenna for HF and VHF

Includes 1x YouLoop balun "Tee", 1x Coax Inverter Connector, 2x 1 meter semi-rigid coax loop cables, 1x 2m semi-rigid coax feedline.

This is a super portable passive HF/VHF loop antenna designed for super low NF/MDS receivers like the Airspy HF+ Discovery. It also works to some extent with the RTL-SDR V3 in direct sampling mode if you enable RTL AGC. But for radios without super low MDS specs, the signals can be boosted on by using any external low cost HF amplifier, or even our wideband LNA.

Note: This antenna is designed for portable use and is not weatherproof. Permanent mounting can be achieved with weather proofing tape.

Please see the product release post for more information, or the description on the Airspy website.

Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

RTL-SDR Blog L-Band 1525 - 1637 Inmarsat to Iridium Patch Antenna Set
RTL-SDR Blog Active L-Band 1525 - 1637 Inmarsat to Iridium Patch Antenna Set

Includes 1x Active L-Band Patch Antenna (Covering 1525 - 1637 MHz) in Weather Proof Enclosure, 1x 2 meter RG174 extension cable, 1x Flexible Tripod Mount, 1x Suction Cup Mount.

This is an active (amplified + filtered) high performance patch antenna designed for receiving L-Band satellites such as Inmarsat, Iridium and GPS. Easily mountable outside on a window, surface, stick, tree branch etc. Comes with easy to use mounting solutions and extension coax, and is enclosed in a fully weather proof plastic cover.

Requires 3.3 - 5v bias tee power. The RTL-SDR V3 provides 4.5v so is suitable.

Please see the product release post for more information.

Amazon USA local OUT OF STOCK. Chinese worldwide OUT OF stock.

RTL-SDR Blog Dipole Antenna Kit
RTL-SDR Blog Multipurpose Dipole Antenna Kit

Includes 1x Dipole Antenna Base with 60cm RG174, 2x 23cm to 1m telescopic antenna, 2x 5cm to 13cm telescopic antenna, 1x 3 meter RG174 extension cable, 1x Flexible Tripod Mount, 1x Suction Cup Mount.

Our new portable Dipole antenna set with mounting kit. Allows you to more easily get the antenna up high and outside where reception will improve significantly. Dipole base mounts onto a standard 1/4" camera screw, so can be mounted on to a variety of already available mounts. Included is a flexible tripod and suction cup mount.

Designed for portable and temporary outside usage. Please do not use outside during poor weather conditions.

Amazon USA local in stock. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

RTL-SDR Blog Magnetic Whip Set
RTL-SDR Blog Magnetic Whip Set (Great for KerberosSDR)

Includes 1x Heavy Duty Conductive Magnetic Whip Base with 2M RG59, 1x 9.5cm fixed metal whip (usable from 400 MHz to 2 GHz+), 1x 17cm to 1m telescopic whip (usable from 100 MHz - 400 MHz).

Uses a conductive metal base (with conductive ground plane foil) for better coupling to the ground plane. This ensures better performance.

Great for use with KerberosSDR and direction finding. Receives a 15% discount if you order 4 sets.

Amazon USA local OUT OF STOCK. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

RadarBox Outdoor ADS-B Antenna and ADS-B RTL-SDR Discounted Bundle
RadarBox Outdoor ADS-B Antenna and ADS-B RTL-SDR Discounted Bundle

Includes 1x RadarBox ADS-B 1090 MHz SMA Outdoor Antenna with 10m of coax, 1x RadarBox ADS-B Optimized 1090 MHz RTL-SDR, 1x Antenna Mounting Brackets

This is a heavily discounted AirNav RadarBox bundle that contains a rugged outdoor ADS-B antenna and an ADS-B optimized RTL-SDR dongle. Limited stock only!

Note that this item will ship from a separate Chinese warehouse compared to other products in this store. As this item is large it has it's own shipping costs ($10 for most countries) that will automatically be added upon checkout depending on your country. As shipping is already added, in the cart please choose the "Free shipping" option, unless you have added other items to the cart that you'd like to upgrade shipping for.

NOTE: This item is shipped out once per week. Here is a picture of how it mounts onto a pole.

Chinese worldwide warehouse #B in stock - limited quantity and time only!


QO-100 Bullseye TCXO LNB
QO-100 Bullseye TCXO LNB

Includes 1x QO-100 Bullseye TCXO LNB

This is a TCXO stabilized LNB for the QO-100 geostationary amateur satellite and other Ku-band satellites. Manufactured by Othernet. Standard LNBs used for QO-100 require modifications to be made to the circuit as the crystal needs to be replaced with a TCXO in order to avoid frequency drift. The Bullseye LNB comes with a highly stable TCXO which has less than 10kHz offset even in outdoor conditions.

The Bullseye LNB is the world's most precise and stable DTH/consumer Ku-band down converter. Even a VSAT LNBF costing hundreds of dollars more is no match for the performance of the Bullseye 10K LNB. Each unit is calibrated at the factory to within 1 kHz of absolute precision against a GPS-locked spectrum analyzer. Under outdoor conditions, the stability of the LNB is well within 10 kHz of offset. As a bonus feature, the  Bullseye 10K provides access to its internal 25 MHz TCXO through the secondary F-connector. This reference output can be used to directly monitor the performance of the TCXO over time.

NOTE: Requires a 12-19V bias tee power injector, the V3's 4.5V bias tee is NOT for this LNB. 11.5 - 14V enables vertical polarization and 16 - 19V enables horizontal polarization.

Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock

FlightAware ProStick Plus (ADS-B Specialty RTL-SDR)
FlightAware ProStick Plus (ADS-B Specialty RTL-SDR)

Includes 1x FlightAware Brand Prostick Plus ADS-B Specialty RTL-SDR.

This is a modified RTL-SDR dongle made specifically for ADS-B reception (aircraft tracking - see our tutorial here). What makes it special is its built in 1090 MHz low noise figure LNA and SAW filter which significantly improves ADS-B reception. If you are mainly interested in ADS-B reception then this is one of the best dongles for the task. See our review of the unit here.

Produced by for their aircraft tracking service and resold by us at RTL-SDR Blog with free shipping for international customers. USA customers can purchase it from directly from FlightAware on Amazon.

Amazon USA local in stock (Sold by FlightAware). Chinese worldwide out of stock.

RTL-SDR Blog Broadcast FM Band-Stop Filter
RTL-SDR Blog Broadcast FM Band-Stop Filter

Includes 1x RTL-SDR Blog Broadcast FM Band-Stop Filter and 1x SMA male to SMA male adapter.

Blocks the broadcast FM band between 88 - 108 MHz with over 50dB of attenuation. Insertion loss is less than 0.5 dB between 0 - 1 GHz, and mostly less than 1.5 dB between 1 - 3 GHz. A broadcast FM block filter can help if you have very strong broadcasts in your area that are overloading the SDR dongle. Also known as "FM Trap". Note, designed for RX use only, although several customer tests have confirmed that up to 5W can be put through this filter without issues (but please note that TX damage is not covered by warranty).

See the product release page, for more information and tests.

Amazon USA local OUT OF STOCK. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

RTL-SDR Blog Broadcast AM High Pass Filter
RTL-SDR Blog Broadcast AM High Pass Filter

Includes 1x RTL-SDR Blog Broadcast AM High Pass Filter and 1x SMA male to SMA male adapter.

Designed to block the broadcast AM band between 500 kHz - 1.7 MHz with over 50 dB of attenuation. The 3 dB roll-off point is between 2.5 - 2.6 MHz. Works great with the direct sampling mode on our V3 dongles. This is a high pass filter and not a notch, so VLF will not work. Note, for RX use only.

See the product release page, for more information and tests.

Amazon USA local OUT OF STOCK. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

RTL-SDR Blog ADS-B Triple Filtered LNA (Bias Tee Powered)
RTL-SDR Blog ADS-B Triple Filtered LNA (Bias Tee Powered)

Includes 1x RTL-SDR Blog ADS-B Triple Filtered LNA (Bias Tee Powered) and 1x SMA male to SMA male adapter.

This is a high performance filter and LNA combination for 1090 MHz ADS-B reception with 27dB of gain, a noise figure of around 1dB and over 60dB's of out of band attenuation. Designed to be used with bias tee power from our RTL-SDR Blog V3 dongles with the LNA mounted as close to the antenna as possible. It is triple filtered with a low loss high pass filter on the front end, and two 1090 MHz SAW filters placed in between and after the high performance low noise figure two stage MGA-13116 LNA. The triple filter design should help avoid dongle or LNA overload in noisy/strong signal environments.

Please note again: Requires 3 - 5v bias tee power. The RTL-SDR V3 provides 4.5v so is suitable.

See the product release page, for more information and tests.

Note that as the main chipset is EOL, this product is also EOL, and once stock is depleted it will not return in this form. We are currently looking into alternative chips.

Amazon USA local OUT OF STOCK. Chinese worldwide OUT OF STOCK.

RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA (Bias Tee Powered)
RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA (Bias Tee Powered)

Includes 1x RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA (Bias Tee Powered) and 1x SMA male to SMA male adapter.

This is a general purpose SPF5189Z based wideband LNA. Works from 50 MHz to 4 GHz with a noise figure of less than 1dB. Requires bias tee power, but there is an internal header which can be used to switch to external power, although for external power wires you'll need to drill a hole into the enclosure. If you're looking to improve ADS-B performance we recommend our Triple Filtered ADS-B LNA shown above.

Please note again: Requires 3 - 5v bias tee power. The RTL-SDR V3 provides 4.5v so is suitable.

Amazon USA local OUT OF STOCK. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

RTL-SDR Blog SMA Pigtail Antenna Adapter Set
RTL-SDR Blog SMA Pigtail Antenna Adapter Set

Includes 1x SMA Pigtail adapter set (6 adapters)

Set of six SMA pigtail adapters with 20cm of RG316 cabling. Contains five SMA to female (Type N, UHF, BNC, PAL, Type F) adapters and one bonus SMA male to SMA male adapter which is often used to connect to devices like upconverters.

Amazon USA local in stock. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

RTL-SDR Blog SMA Straight Antenna Adapter Set
RTL-SDR Blog SMA Straight Antenna Adapter Set

Includes 1x SMA straight adapter set (6 adapters)

Set of six straight adapters with. Contains five SMA to female (Type N, UHF, BNC, PAL, Type F) adapters and one bonus SMA male to SMA male adapter which is often used to connect to devices like upconverters. Less loss than the pigtail adapters.

Amazon USA local in stock. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

RTL-SDR Blog MCX Pigtail Antenna Adapter Set
RTL-SDR Blog MCX Pigtail Antenna Adapter Set

Includes 1x MCX Pigtail adapter set (7 adapters)

Great for if you have the older or other brand dongles that used the MCX antenna connector. Contains 6 MCX to female (Type N, UHF, BNC, PAL, Type F, SMA) adapters and one bonus MCX to SMA male adapter which is often used to connect to devices like upconverters. These do not fit onto our new SMA RTL-SDRs, these are for the older MCX style dongles.

Amazon USA local out of stock. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

This product is EOL and will not be restocked.

RTL-SDR Blog Semi-Rigid RG402 SMA Antenna Adapter Set
RTL-SDR Blog Semi-Rigid RG402 SMA Antenna Adapter Set

Includes 1x Semi-Rigid RG402 SMA Antenna Adapter Set (10 adapters)

Includes 10 RF RG402 adapter cables. SMA Male to SMA, BNC, Type N, Type F, UHF Male + Female adapters. RG402 is a semi-rigid cable. Maintains shape after bending. Please do not bend too close to the connector to avoid breakage. Great for tidy cable management in enclosures!

Amazon USA local in stock. Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

Spare Aluminum Metal Enclosure
Spare Aluminum Metal Enclosure

This is a spare RTL-SDR V3 aluminum enclosure. Comes with two SMA side panels and a USB panel. It can be used to box home made filters or LNAs, the LNA4ALL, or a FlightAware dongle. Note that you may need to cut down the case length to customize the size depending on what you're putting in it.

Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

Metal Case Upgrade for SDRplay RSP1A
Metal Case Upgrade for SDRplay RSP1A

Includes 1x Black aluminum metal enclosure with two labelled side panels, 1x Black semi-hardshell carry case, 1x Thermal pad to keep the RSP1A cool and mechanically stable inside the enclosure, 1x Accessory set including enclosure screws, GND lug bolt set and 3M anti-slip rubber feet.

Premium aluminum metal upgrade enclosure for the SDRplay RSP1A. Helps block RF interference and protects the RSP inside the sturdy enclosure.

Please note this product does not include the RSP1A.

Chinese worldwide warehouse in stock.

NanoVNA V2 Original HCXQS Manufactured
NanoVNA V2 S-A-A-2 Original HCXQS Manufactured

Includes 1x Original NanoVNA V2, 1x Acrylic Enclosure, 1x Stylus, 1x SOLT Calibration Kit, 2x SS405 Low Loss Cables.

The NanoVNA V2 S-A-A-2 is a high quality low cost vector network analyzer. Used to tune antennas, filters and measure cable loss amongst other applications. It has a frequency range from 50 kHz - 3 GHz and dynamic range of 70 dB (<1.5GHz)/60dB(>3GHz). Powered via microUSB and can run from a Li-Ion battery (not included). Compatible with VNA-QT PC software.

This is the original NanoVNA V2 designed by OwOComm and manufactured by HCXQS. Purchasing an original unit supports OwOComm's goal to further the open source design and software. Comes with the high quality SS405 cables that are needed to avoid phase distortion on a VNA. Unofficial brands come with much cheaper cables.

When assembling the enclosure don't install the screws too tight!

Chinese worldwide warehouse out of stock - check back soon.

The Hobbyist's Guide to the RTL-SDR: Really Cheap Software Defined Radio (Book)
The Hobbyist's Guide to the RTL-SDR: Really Cheap Software Defined Radio (Book)

A comprehensive guide to the RTL2832U RTL-SDR software defined radio by the authors of the RTL-SDR Blog. This book is about tips and tutorials that show you how to get the most out of your RTL-SDR dongle.

The paperback includes the eBook via the Kindle matchbook program. Amazon Prime customers can borrow the book for FREE. Also available for purchase from Amazon sites in UKDE, FR, IT, ES, JP, IN, CA, BR and MX.


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If you suspect a manufacturing fault please first ensure that you have been through our Quickstart guide and troubleshooting section further down on it, as well as our V3 users guide. Common questions like how to use the HF mode are explained on the V3 users guide.

If you've been through the troubleshooting guide and still suspect a fault please contact us through Amazon if you bought there, or email us at if you bought from our cart. Be sure to include your order number and name. Please include details of the fault and a picture of the fault if it is physical damage. If the unit is faulty we will issue either a full refund or send a new unit out depending on your preference.


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Recommended accessories from other sellers

Note that some of the links below are affiliate links which help support the costs involved with the running of this blog. However, all the products listed are what we actually do recommend regardless.


Probably the most important part of a radio system is the antenna. There is no one size fits all antenna, every different design will have a trade off. For instance, wide band antennas can receive more frequencies, but will have less gain at any one particular frequency. If you want to receive everything then get a wide band antenna. If you want to receive one frequency with optimal reception, find a tuned narrow band antenna.

Discone Antenna
Discone Antenna

Discones are wideband antennas. This makes them ideal for the RTL-SDR as using a Discone will allow you to receive at almost any frequency with decent performance.

FlightAware ADS-B Antenna
FlightAware ADS-B Antenna

A 1090 MHz ADS-B antenna from FlightAware. Is weather proofed and has 5 dB of gain. Uses an N-type antenna connector. See our review post for more information.


The lowest frequency an RTL-SDR can comfortably tune to is about 24 MHz. An upconverter allows you to use your RTL-SDR on HF frequencies which are between 0 - 30 MHz. They work by shifting frequencies between 0 - 30 MHz "up" by a fixed amount into a frequency range that is receivable by the RTL-SDR.

SpyVerter Upconverter

Currently we recommend the SpyVerter as the upconverter of choice. Although it was designed to be used with the Airspy, it works perfectly with the RTL-SDR. It uses a 120 MHz oscillator, has excellent filtering and can be powered via USB cable or via the bias-tee on our RTL-SDR Blog dongles. The SpyVerter uses an innovative new architecture that reduces overloading, has better SNR than other options and can operate all the way down to DC.

With the above performance and features, the included metal case and adapters and at a similar or even lower price compared to other upconverters we think this one is the best value. See our review post for more information.

SV1AFN Upconverter
SV1AFN Upconverter

An alternative to the SpyVerter is the upconverter designed by SV1AFN.

It based on the ADE-1 mixer chip, uses a 200 MHz oscillator, has good filtering and works almost down to DC.

Ham-It-Up Upconverter
Ham-It-Up Upconverter

Another recommended option is the Ham-It-Up Upconverter.

This one like the SV1AFN is also based on the ADE-1 mixer, but uses 125 MHz oscillator and is based on an open source design. There is also a metal case available on Amazon and eBay. However, currently we would recommend the SpyVerter or SV1AFN over this option.

RF Filters

RF filters connect between your antenna and RTL-SDR dongle. They help to significantly reduce out of band interference and noise which is very helpful when trying to improve signal strength.

118 - 138 MHz Air Band Bandpass Filter
118 - 138 MHz Air Band Bandpass Filter

If you are monitoring ACARS or air traffic signals then you may want an air band bandpass filter if you find that you have lots of interference from nearby stations such as FM broadcasts and Pagers.

FlightAware ADS-B Filter
FlightAware ADS-B Filter

FlightAware sell a very affordable ADS-B band pass filter. Many users have reported significantly improved reception when they started using this filter. This is probably the best filter to get if you are interested in ADS-B. See our review post for more information.

ADS-B HABamp LNA + Filter Combo
ADS-B HABamp LNA + Filter Combo

We also highly recommend the ADS-B HABAmp for receiving ADS-B signals. This is a filter + LNA combination that works very well and will significantly improve ADS-B performance.

We've tested these ourselves with the activatable bias tee in our units and found them to definitely work very well.

Multi HF Bandpass Filter
Multi HF Bandpass Filter

This product is great for if you are using an upconverter together with your RTL-SDR, or other SDR. Contains seven band pass filters that range from 1.6 - 2.5 MHz, 2.5 - 4.7 MHz, 4.7 - 7.5 MHz, 7.5 - 14.5 MHz, 14.5 - 21.5 MHz, 21.5 - 33 MHz and 33 - 56 MHz.

Low Noise Amplifiers

If you have long runs of coax cable then a low noise amplifier (LNA) can help to significantly improve your reception. Coax cable is lossy and the longer it is the more your received signal is attenuated. By adding an LNA near the antenna this loss can be reduced.


The LNA4ALL is a very affordable wide band low noise amplifier that is very commonly used with the RTL-SDR. Has the ability to be powered externally from any voltage between 6V - 9V, or with a simple modification with 3V - 5V in bias tee mode.

We have tested the LNA4ALL in bias tee mode with the activatable bias tee in our units and found it to work well.

Other LNA's
Other LNA's

There are also several low noise amplifier circuits that can be found very cheaply for sale on eBay and most will do a good job. Unfortunately most don't provide a bias tee option like the LNA4ALL or HABamp does. Currently we recommend LNA's based on the SPF5189Z chip as they have wideband good performance, and are cheaply produced.

Other Accessories

Active USB Extension Cable
Active USB Extension Cable

Ideally you want to get the RTL-SDR dongle as close to the antenna as possible. Normal USB cables have a length limit of about 5m before they stop working, but with an active USB cable this can be extended up to 10 to 15 meters.

We recommend these Monoprice cables as they have been reported to work successfully with the RTL-SDR dongle.

Active USB Extension Cable
RG6 Coaxial Cable

We recommend using RG6 coaxial cable for most links between your antenna and RTL-SDR. RG6 is low loss cable and it is also very cheap because it is used commercially with satellite TV installations.

RG6 is 75 Ohm cable. Note that the mismatch between 50 and 75 Ohm impedances is completely negligible for RX applications.

Clip on USB Ferrite Core
Clip on USB Ferrite Core

Noise and interference can sometimes be induced in the USB cable itself which can show up in the RF spectrum. To stop this noise use clip on ferrite cores on the USB cable. These cores help to suppress unwanted currents in the USB shield.

Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3

A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that runs Linux, or even Windows. With it you can connect an RTL-SDR, run a server, and then remotely send a signal or processed data such as ADS-B aircraft locations back via WiFi or Ethernet cable.


A USB on-the-go (OTG) cable is required to use the RTL-SDR on Android phones with software like SDR Touch and Wavesink. We recommend trying to find cables that come with power plugs so that you can use it with a power pack. Using an RTL-SDR can increase CPU usage which can quickly drain a mobiles battery.

9:1 Balun
9:1 Balun

If you are using a long wire or random wire antenna with a HF modded RTL-SDR or an upconverter you should use a 9:1 impedance transformer to get good SWR.

There are also several other alternatives available on eBay that use a larger iron core.

Wideband Noise Source
Wideband Noise Source

A wideband noise source can be used together with an RTL-SDR dongle to perform measurements on filters and to measure the SWR of an antenna.

See our tutorial here for more information.


Recommended alternative SDRs


We think the Airspy is the SDR with the best RX capabilities in the mid priced SDR market right now. It really shines when used in tough RF environments, such as those found in city and suburban areas. The Airspy is an excellent upgrade from an RTL-SDR dongle. Requires the SpyVerter upconverter add on to receive HF signals.

See our review post for a comprehensive comparison between the Airspy, SDRplay RSP and HackRF.


Another good mid range SDR is the SDRplay RSP. This SDR is great value for the price and can receive HF frequencies without an upconverter, but it not as good as the Airspy when running in tough RF environments with many strong signals.

See our review post for a comprehensive comparison between the Airspy, SDRplay RSP and HackRF.

HackRF One
HackRF One

The HackRF One is a relatively low cost TX/RX capable SDR. It is designed for radio experimenters and it has a very wide band frequency range from 1 MHz to 6 GHz, and a wide bandwidth of up to 20 MHz and an 8-Bit ADC. It is probably the most versatile SDR that exists at the moment, but in a compromise it does not have the best quality RX or TX performance. Thus it is perfect for experiments like reverse engineering and testing RF devices, but it is not intended to be used as a commercial radio or ham radio.


  1. Steven Gibson

    I was about to order the “RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with 2x Telescopic Antennas” from Amazon when it became unavailable. They still have the dongle by itself, but I was hoping to get the antennas as well. Are they available separately? Or will the SDR+antenna item be restocked soon? (Your description says the Chinese warehouse will be restocked in a couple days; I don’t know about Amazon.) Please advise.

  2. Slyker

    Since the release of “RTL-SDR V3” nearly half a year, it is expected the new version (V4) devices in the near future?

  3. JTee

    I am a frequent visitor to Hong Kong from the UK. In fact I am here at the moment. Is there any physical outlet here where I can purchase the RTL SDR v3 and accessories? I was expecting to find such a place in Sham Shui Po but have had no luck.


    • admin

      Sorry we don’t have any physical outlets, we’re an internet shop only. Some distributors and shops who buy wholesale might have physical outlets, but there are none in HK yet. You could always order to your hotel, but it costs the same to ship it directly to the UK.

  4. admin

    Delayed International Parcels: Please be aware that there are several delays in the international mail system at the moment for parcels sent out during late November and for the whole of December, even for priority ePacket EMS parcels. The main delay is with local customs agencies. Please be patient and give them time to arrive, as we have no control over customs processing times. Here are some additional reasons for the December delays.

    1) Christmas rush causing too many parcels and the backlog is still clearing, 2) Lack of aircraft space causing parcels to be delayed, 3) Congestion from lack of staff and space at customs and security screening on both ends, 3) Heightened security protocols in place at most western customs and security agencies causing huge delays, 4) Smog in China grounding several flights causing increased congestion, 5) Strike action from the post in the UK causing significantly increased congestion, 6) Poor winter weather causing many delayed flights.

    Our logistics agents, other peer sellers and ourselves have noted that in some cases US and other countries customs are holding EMS parcels without tracking updates for 6(!) or more weeks, before releasing them with no reason given for the delay.

    An official statement from the post for the USA is shown below, and the same applies to most other countries too:

    Earlier we informed you that due to service limitations imposed by airlines, coupled by extremely heavy peak volumes, there is presently congestion for airmail to some destinations in US. As a result we’re currently encountering delays on all outgoing mail and parcel delivery services to US. On behalf of the designated operator of the United States of America we would like to inform you that all of the five offices of exchange of the United States Postal Service are open and receiving mail. Please note that there are no embargos. Due to limited ground-handler staffing and equipment, coupled with the heavy peak volumes, all offices of exchange are experiencing heavy congestion. We will continue to take measures to minimize the impact and we will keep you informed of developments.

    One from Royal Mail which equally applies to other carriers too:

    Start date: Early December
    End date: Ongoing
    The United States Postal Service (USPS) has recently advised us of operational difficulties at the Chicago port of entry which may result in delay to the delivery of international mail from other countries including some Royal Mail items. US Zip codes affected are, 4xxxx, 5xxxx,6xxxx and 7xxxx. Multiple local logistical and customs issues have caused this situation and USPS are working with all concerned to return services to normal. Royal Mail is also doing everything possible to minimise any further potential delay.
    We apologise for any delays which are beyond our control and will update this information as soon as we know more.

  5. Ninni

    You put a nice feateure in V3 with io pins expose but
    how to drive them ?

    I discover that rtl dll have io functions, but
    not exported ???

  6. sidhu1f

    Does the v3 RTL-SDR dongle support DVB-T2? Or is a version planned that will support it? I ask because terrestrial TV transmission in India uses DVB-T2.


  7. Z-RAY-Z

    I got my dongle today and i tested it for short time in Direct Sampling mode.
    Testing time – 12:00 (24 hrs metric), antenna: ~10 m wire /w out Balun, from window to maple.
    1600×900 resolution images are presented. – generic chinese – “silver”
    When i saw an increased noise level in “silver” dongle, i wanted to start swear. But later i saw – your dongle can get signals, which i can’t get with generic even at night time, with good propagation conditions! And MCX connector in generic dongle have small “insert in\out” cycles.

  8. Dmytro Zhadan

    Hello, owners!

    I can’t buy RTL-SDR V3 dongle from Ukraine.
    “Sorry, but your Visa x-NNNN was declined. Please add another debit or credit card to complete your purchase.”
    (NNNN is last four digits of my Visa card, not for publication).
    Paypal marks all transactions with your store as ‘Denied’.
    I can’t imagine what is I’m doing wrong 🙁

    • admin

      The payment is handled by PayPal and not us, so I don’t really have any insight into what could be wrong. Are you sure that your credit card is enabled for international use? It would be best to call your bank to investigate.

    • vasanth

      You want to have debit card that will support international transaction.Some banks don’t accept paypal addition due to their security policies.So check with bank.

  9. Boris Yordanov

    I’ve ordered the “RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with 2x Telescopic Antennas” kit more than a month ago. The EMS tracking says “Your item was delivered(UNITED KINGDOM GBGU 9) at 2016-10-06 08:44:00” but I haven’t received it yet. Is this normal and what should I do if not?
    Thank you.

    • admin

      No that’s definitely not normal. If it says delivered but you received nothing then its possible that your local postal service made a mistake and delivered your parcel to the wrong address. If that happens you’ll need to contact your local post ASAP and give them the tracking number to sort it out. Any problems please contact us rtlsdrblog_AT_gmail_DOT_com.

  10. Tim

    I don’t want to be an alarmist, but 3 out of 5 of my batch 2 dongles are dead. It looks to me like the RTL chip is cooking. Perhaps its my hub, but I don’t thin so.

    • admin

      Hmm that’s odd, we’ve actually be seeing a much lower return rate with batch 2 compared to all other batches we’ve made in the past, and upon testing we find that most returns are not faulty.

      If you really did get three bad ones then of course please contact us on Amazon or rtlsdrblog_AT_gmail_DOT_com to issue a return and replacement.

  11. AJ

    Is there a problem with V.3 batch 2 (NYS 2016-9)? It’s performance is lacking compared with my 4 other dongles, spurs everywhere and gain fade outs make this a disappointing purchase.

  12. Max

    My blog filter is stuck in China and there is no progress since 10/10. It doesn’t even seem to have reached the airport. Is there a way to know what’s going on?

    • admin

      Hi Max, please email us (rtlsdrblog_AT_gmail_DOT_com) your order ID and tracking number. But note that intl. airmail does take anywhere between 1 – 4 weeks on average to arrive (maybe longer now that its getting close to Christmas), and it’s very normal for there to be long periods without tracking updates.

  13. Claudio

    Now (Oct/10th) that the worldwide site has been re-stocked and is accepting orders again, could you confirm if the V3 dongles are the “Batch 2” ones as mentioned in the V3 user guide? (with a resettable fuse on the Bias tee)


  14. Terry Gaff

    Does the new V.3 RTL-SDR circuit board have pads to which I can attach a switch so I can manually turn on and off the Bias-T power ? Just like in the previous version.

  15. Cola

    Have you thought to make 2 separate connectors for HF and VHF? I think 95% ppl use different antennas for HF and VHF (you can do a survey).
    PS. Nice filter, if I saw only the frequency response, I never would have thought that it is based on SMD components.

    • admin

      It’s possible, but cost would probably increase and the PCB might need to be enlarged as there are people who need those mounting holes on the corners. If you look on eBay there have been some direct sampling modified dongles out for some time now that that have two SMA connectors.

      The good thing about one SMA connector is that you can use a signal external antenna switch to switch between many antennas if you like.

  16. paul

    just bought fm trap. thank you sir for coming up with all these high quality devices and addons.
    at this point i have spent enough money on rtl gadgets to have bought a nice shortwave radio. but i prefer the modular route. i can set it up anywhere and tinker with it endlessly. anyway, thanks again for a great product and a fantastic site. – paul from toronto

  17. Nicolas

    Good price for the FM band stop filter.

    I just ordered one.

    I hope you’ll keep on developping such SDR accessories in the future.

    I already get RTL-SDR dongle V2 and V3.

    A DAB band stop filter and a LNA would be usefull too.

  18. Kevin

    my kit came with a damaged antenna base. The coax connector that ties the antenna base cable to the dongle is missing the center pin so I am unable to receive any rf signals. I know this is the issue as when I take a short length of copper wire and gnetly inset it into the center of the antenna connector on the dongle, I get radio stations loud and clear. How do i get a replacement antenna base?

  19. Luciano

    I’m interested to order vs SDR.- “” “RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with 2x Telescopic Antennas” “”
    $ 24.95, on Italian money € ur about 23 ..
    Problem … try to order on Amazon and i see .. “Not available for shipping on ..”

    The I am living on italy …….. and Amazon is wonderful Also for no high expenses –
    How can I do to have you here in Italy, someone in germany, switzerland Italy to HONEST prices? .. Here literally make the bins, (disappointments)
    Thanks to those of you answer me in email.

    PS. When you update to better use, as they often do not recognize the drivers. v1450

    • Max

      Amazon is for US buyers, you have to click on Worldwide Add to Cart and then move to the top of page to complete the order. It arrives in Italy in less than 3 weeks with free registered airmail

    • admin

      Why can’t you use the worldwide shop that is on this very page that you commented on? Amazon will not ship overseas (and would be costly if they did), and is for USA customers only.

      I didn’t understand your last comment about updating the drivers. Seems like you’re referring to SDR#? We don’t make SDR#, that is made by others.

  20. LM

    I recently received two of the new V3 dongles from rtl-sdr and I have to say they are a huge improvement over the two NooElec dongles that I have been using, My reception and decode of a ProVoice system, using Unitrunker and DSD+ is much better with these new dongles! Also the quality of the dongles and the included antennas seem much better as well. Very happy I made the switch.

  21. Jon

    I work with wireless microphone systems and we often use active antennas or in line amplifiers in our RF equipment. The wireless receivers or antenna splitters that we use, provide Bias T power up to 15V to supply active equipment.
    I would like to use an RTL-SDR dongle connected to an output of the antenna splitter so I can see real time the signal received with the antenna in the system. Do you know if the Nooelec NESDR Mini2 I own can handle that 12-15V in it’s input? And could the new V.3 dongle? If not, what can I use to block that DC current to use an RTL-SDR with that purpose?

    • admin

      I think the Nooelec models are the same as the generic ones and don’t have a DC blocking capacitor on the front end, so you’d probably blow up the ESD diode if you put voltage into it. On our V3 i’d recommend also not allowing more than 5V to enter the dongle as you might damage the bias tee. The ESD diode we use is rated up to 15V though. Ideally, you should use an external DC blocking capacitor to stop voltage from entering the dongle. Have a look at this for more info

  22. Martin

    Hello. At first thank you so much for your web! I can see that “RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with 2x Telescopic Antennas” is sold out for international post (I am from Czech Republic, Europe Union). Will you please enable international post again? Hope yes, but if not then is it better to buy (e.g. over ebay) “NooElec NESDR Nano 2” or “NooElec NESDR Mini” or “NooElec NESDR Mini 2”? Thank you so much, Martin

    • Jan

      Hi Martin, I’m from Slovak republic so …

      I’m also waiting when they will be restocking and sending RTL-SDR to worldwide. Few days before I’ve decided to write them an email. Their response:

      ” Restocking is likely to occur next week, around August 8-12. “

      • Dmitri

        Hi everyone.
        I’m from Estonia and I’ve been waiting for them to restock it for 1 month now or so, because I think this is the best possible kit on the market. Really looking forward to it.

  23. Bill L

    Could you think about putting hardware revision numbers on the dongles. It would make it easier to keep track of the most current dongle in the reviews, promotions, etc. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Bill, yes we are doing this for the next unit releasing in a few weeks. Before it was easy to tell the difference between revisions as we went from MCX dongles (V.0) – > SMA dongles (V.1) -> metal cased SMA dongles (V.2). But now most of the changes are internal so we’ve given it a (V.3) label on the enclosure.

    • admin

      Generally you don’t want the LNA to be right in the dongle. The LNA needs to be placed near the antenna. This is why we have the bias tee instead (for powering a remote LNA like Adams LNA4ALL). When you place it near the antenna the LNA will help overcome the losses from the coax cable and any filters, switches, connectors or adapters in the signal path. If you place it at the dongle, then none of those losses will be overcome. There is still a reduction in NF from placing the LNA anywhere in the chain, but it placing it by the antenna is significantly better. The reduction in the NF from the LNA helps the FlightAware dongle for ADS-B since ADS-B reception is sensitive to even small gains in SNR, but you need to use a separate ADS-B filter to overcome any overload caused by the extra gain from the LNA.

      Plus if we do add an LNA by the dongle, then this ruins it for people who want to do it properly and get optimal reception by placing the LNA by the antenna. Because then with an extra internal LNA in dongle there might be too much gain in the system causing overload, or the linearity from having too many LNA’s would be degraded sufficiently causing more overload, or there might not be enough power budget left for the bias tee to power an external LNA. Even FlightAware advises that their dongles should be used with a filter or overload will occur, and we don’t want to lock people into to requiring that they buy a filter for every band they want to listen to.

      In addition there’s the increased power draw and increased heat from the LNA (low NF LNA’s draw lots of power), meaning that longer USB cables may not work due to the larger voltage drop from the higher current, and the circuit life may be shorter from the heat.

      So in short, the LNA should be external to the dongle, so that you can place it near the antenna.

      We are working on selling our own remote bias tee powered LNA, but it is still taking some time to get into manufacturing.

      • Max

        Very good, and don’t forget the external FM band stop filters; possibly with two options: 1. single pieces complete with SMA/F connectors, 2. lot of 5 pcs. without SMA connectors

      • Terry Gaff

        Does the new V.3 SDR circuit board have pads to which I can attach a switch so I can manually turn on and off the Bias-T power ? Just like in the previous version.

  24. Leandro

    Hi I just got my rtl-sdr from amazon, but its not working.
    I get Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) .
    Tried on USB 2 and USB 3 ports on two different computers (both windows 10, laptop / desktop)
    I also tried a raspbery pi , but when I connect it the pi hangs, when I reboot, lsusb shows nothing:

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo lsusb
    Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0424:ec00 Standard Microsystems Corp. SMSC9512/9514 Fast Ethernet Adapter
    Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0424:9512 Standard Microsystems Corp. LAN9500 Ethernet 10/100 Adapter / SMSC9512/9514 Hub
    Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

    What can I do ?

  25. Junior Vaz

    Hello, I wonder if you sell the separate telescopic antenna since I already have a dongle and plan to buy only the telescopic antenna and aluminum case

  26. leandro

    Hi, when is the dongle kit with 2x Telescopic Antennas going to be in stock in amazon? , it says June 12 but its still out of stock. Can Someone recommend similar antennas on amazon so I can buy just the dongle? , thanks!

    • admin

      It should be soon, the products are with Amazon now, we’re just waiting on them to process the boxes and put the units on the shelves ready for shipping. However, the time they take is somewhat unpredictable which is why we write around June 12.

  27. singsonn

    Hi, Does anybody know a good replacement for the MCM FM trap filter? It seems this one is not available for sale anywhere now…

    • AD5NL

      NooElec blue aren’t bad but I recommend putting them in a metal case with a heatsink.

      Aluminum foil will work but it blocks air flow which can make it get hot.

      An Altoids tin and a thermal pad should work OK. Be sure to ground the case to the USB and antenna shields.

      • AD5NL

        Also the dongles are better, in my humble opinion, simply because they use an SMA connector. The adapter from MCX to whatever is going to cost you some money (I used a $10 SMA-MCX cable) and also some signal loss.

    • admin

      Hello, thanks for the feedback. There was a small number with this QC problem in the original batches, but this should not be a problem in the newer batches anymore. However, if anyone discovers a problem like this again just contact us at and we’ll sort it out.

  28. Ash

    Hello Admin, i sent already 2 messages, but no response, can you please reply ?

    can you please let me know if i buy “NooElec NESDR Mini 2 SDR & DVB-T USB Stick (RTL2832 + R820T2) with Antenna and Remote Control.”

    will this work supports all features as “RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA” the first itme in this page ? please suggest as i am unable to get that from amazon at my location ? please suggest.

    Or can you please let me know if i order this to UAE how long it will take to deliver ?


    • admin

      Hi Ash,

      Sorry, I thought I already replied to you elsewhere. That unit is functionally the same ours but ours comes with extras like a TCXO and metal case which may be useful to you, or not. Why don’t you use our international store on this very page? Our specs and shipping info are listed on this page too, and you can compare and check.

      International air mail shipping times are impossible to predict, it’s unfortunately just the way the world works. It could take 1-4 weeks usually. Please use express shipping if you need it faster. Amazon will also probably ship via international air mail, but from the USA.

  29. Valeriy Gamzatov

    Hello. I transferred money for 4 dongle 3 days ago but have not received the letter sending yet. Tell me please with whom I can contact to find out the transaction details?

    • admin

      Hello Valeriy, I see your order was only placed two days ago on the night of May 4 (China time) and it was put into processing for packing and shipment by DHL on May 5. DHL usually begins the export process the next working day after packing & processing and then gives us the tracking 1 working day later, so you should receive the tracking number on Monday. It will come in a shipping confirmation email from PayPal. Hope this info helps you, if there are any problems please see the “Shipping Information” section on this page, or contact us directly at

  30. Odaju

    Hello, Please when would the R820T2 RTL2832U be available. I urgently need it for my research. Thanks.

  31. SwineOne

    Quick newbie question:

    I’m looking to receive broadcast AM using the direct sampling mod. Can I directly solder a loop antenna (similar to those found on boomboxes or A/V receivers) to the breakout pins? Or do I need anything in between the antenna and the RTL-SDR, like a transformer or balun? Thanks.

  32. Nick

    The R820T2 dongle with TCXO works very well, but the lowpass IF filter doesn’t work compared to the older R820T dongles. I am using the SDR driver with IF bandwidth control and it works well on my old R820T, reducing the bandwidth for better out-of-band rejection, but the bandwidth is wide open on the new R820T2 dongle. With SDR#, I can see a narrow bandwidth when set to 2.4 MHz sampling and 350KHz IF bandwidth on the R820T, but not on the R820T2. Was something changed to disable the IF filter ? Can it be changed back ?

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