Competition: TCXO RTL-SDR Giveaway

As per the previous post, we recently received a sample of the TCXO modified dongle by Nobu Saitou. Nobu was kind enough to send over two samples, so we’ve decided to give one away to a lucky reader.

To go into the draw simply comment on this post with what you’ve been doing (or have been dreaming about doing) with software defined radio recently. Be sure to include your email in the commenting system so I can get in touch with you if you are the winner (your email address is kept private and only I can see it). The winner will be randomly selected on the 23rd of December 12pm GMT, and the prize sent out after Christmas. Please one entry per person.

Update: Thanks to all that entered. The competition has now ended and the winner has been notified. It has been very interesting to hear about all the amazing SDR projects by the RTL-SDR community. I would urge everyone to read through the comments to see what interesting things people are doing. Feel free to continue commenting about your projects even though the competition has finished.

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Ricardo Fernandes

Would like to participate in the draw

[email protected]


I know I’m too late now. If I read about this contest earlier I had thrown this to the contest: doppler reflections on international space station or planes. Therefor I could need a better frequency stable DVB-T srtick.

Have a look at my page

for this kind of experiments. As you can see the drift of the DVB-T stick is about > 80 Hz sometimes.


E-mail radio

Sam Christie

I’m new to sdr and would like to try some of the digital modes of ham radio. I have limited space at home so sdr would be perfect.


I have experimented with an ezcap tv dongle with some success. Its main shortcoming was an inability to reach 1090MHz to look at ABS-B traffic. It would be nice to have the ability to locate a small receiver at the antenna to lower the transmission loss.


I connected the rtl2832 to my icom-icr100 IF for receiving noaa satellite images, and listening some HF frequencies using the first mixer output of the r100.


I have received some SSTV-pictures from Ham Radio ballons this year. Pretty awsome to actually receive some pictures from the edge of space, where you can see the blue earth with the clouds and the black from space already.


A GPS controlled oscillator with the AD9850… and check the calibration over the few Hz to a few 40Mhz range.. also use a raw TV tuner module(TDA18218 based) controlled via I2C to receive signals(WSPR @ 144M and 50M)
Thus improve the IF front end of decoding signals…


I am looking to set up a receiving station in my loft using an RPi and dongle. My loft is well insulated meaning the house stays warm but the loft does not, so the TCXO would be a great option to avoid thermal drift from the changing loft temps throughout the year.


I am new to RTL-SDRs I’m still trying to receive a ARPS transmission from the ISS. I am also setting up to analyze radio emissions from Jupiter


Interesting idea: based on simple dongle to create a global super radio communication ip many dongles through the server properties, passive radar, radio, e-mail and many other endless possibilities.


I’m an aviation enthusiast and enjoy listening to air band communications. I’d also like to receive ADS-B signals.


Planning to do some spectrum monitoring drive tests with ground robots.


I’m stumbled across SDR when I was using a dedicated receiver for NOAA APT satellites for our weather forecasting site, my further interest is receiving directly the LRIT (Low Rate Information Transmission) data from GOES-East bird ..


Have been playing with USRP N-series devices, and want to try this low cost option.


I would like to study RDS, data from radiosondes and maybe listen to nearby airport.

Erin M.

I really want to pick up NOAA weather satellite images!

Thanks for the opportunity!


I’ve been playing with AIS and ADS-B while on vacation to get the hang of things, but the first real project will be getting a TPMS (tire pressure) receiver integrated into a motorsports telemetry system.


I run a youth club HAM. I teach children that they like electronics, amateur radio and broadcasting. TXCO good example for children that can be operated cheaply HAM.

Clayton Smith

Most recently I’ve been working on a receiver for the mesh network of electricity meters in my city. I’ll be publishing it to github shortly.

Clayton Smith

The code, which can receive meter readings from Elster R2S smart meters, is now up on Github:

Erik Z

I’ve been learning to program python so I can do some long term ADSB logging on Mac OS X.


I am working on a SDR diy ground penetrating radar and this would be perfect for one of the receivers.


Would love to hear the FUNcube satellite!