Decoding End Of Train and Head Of Train Packets with an RTL-SDR

Back in March 2014 we showed a video of a RTL-SDR user decoding End Of Train (EOT) and Head of Train (HOT) signals. Head of Train (HOT) and End of Train (EOT) signals are used on trains to transmit telemetry data such as brake line pressure and monitor accidental separation of the train. If you live near a trainyard of railway line you may be able to pick up these signals.

Now over on YouTube user berwin018 shows us another video of EOT and HOT signals being decoded. There doesn’t seem to be much information in these packets, but they could potentially be used to track which trains are passing by.

To decode EOT and HOT packets you can use the softEOT software which can be downloaded from the softEOT Yahoo! Group after requesting and being accepted into membership.

Decoding End Of Train & Head Of Train Packets

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a g

What’s with all the cringe private groups? Such inflated egos.


Yeah, has turned me off to a lot of software based railfanning tools, it’s pretty ignorant. Thankfully there’s SDRangel.