Digital Ding Dong Ditch – Hacking wireless doorbells with Arduino and RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube user Samy Kamkar has uploaded a video showing how he was able to use an RTL-SDR to copy his friends wireless doorbell signal and prank him by replaying it using an Arduino and 433 MHz transmitter. His video goes through the entire reverse engineering process he used from recording the wireless doorbell signal with the RTL-SDR, to analyzing and understanding the signal and finally to programming the Arduino with the code to replicate the doorbell signal. If you don’t like video explanations, Samy has also done a write up of the same material on his website. 

Digital Ding Dong Ditch Prank - hacking wireless doorbells w/Arduino and RTL-SDR

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Replay attacks on wireless devices such as a doorbell,

Casey Miller

I don’t get the whole reverse engineering techy stuff, but I think it’s pretty cool. You really got your friend with the doorbell rings!