FM2TXT: Automatically Perform Speech to Text on FM Signals

SourceForge user randaller has recently released a potentially useful Python program called FM2TXT. The FM2TXT program uses the Google speech recognition libraries and an RTL-SDR to listen to any broadcast FM station and automatically transcribe the speech into text. The code seems to be basically an interface for the Google speech recognition API, so is nothing fancy, but still may be of interest to some. Also at the moment it seems like it only works with broadcast FM (WFM), but as the code is open source and consists of a simple single Python file it shouldn't be too hard to adapt it for other NFM signals too. 

No word yet on the accuracy of the speech recognition or how well it works with poor reception. If you are interested there is also a Reddit thread discussing the software here

The Google Speech Recognition API
The Google Speech Recognition API

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