Forum Talk Videos From Hamvention 2017

During Hamvention 2017 several presenters and myself presented SDR or radio related talks. Some were filmed and put up onto YouTube. Unfortunately the 2017 SDR Forum video seems to be missing, or not yet uploaded yet.

The first set of talks was recorded by Gary KN4AQ at the TAPR Forum. The first talk in the set was from Michael Ossmann and Dominic Spill on “Low Cost, Open Source Spectrum Monitoring”. In this talk they discussed their recent improvements on creating a fast spectrum scanner mode on their HackRF. The second talk was “Advanced SDR Algorithms for Noise Blanking and Noise Reduction” by Warren Pratt NR0V. Here Warren discussed and gave examples of the effectiveness of some new noise blanker and noise reduction algorithms used in openHPSDR. Finally the third talk was “Introduction to RTL-SDR: Ultra cheap software defined radio” by Carl Laufer (myself). This was a brief introduction to the RTL-SDR showing some typical applications that they are used for.

HRN 324: TAPR Forum at the 2017 Hamvention

The second set of talks was recorded by the Ham Radio 2.0 YouTube channel at the Digital Modes forum. The first talk was from myself again and was another introduction to cheap SDRs with some slightly different material. The second talk was by Uli with Wireless Holdings who discussed the latest developments in his DV4 digital mode transceiver products. Finally Mel K0PFX gave a talk on the latest developments in the FreeDV digital voice codec.

Ham Radio 2.0: Episode 101 – DV Modes Forum at Dayton Hamvention

Finally I was interviewed by Gary KN4AQ of the HamRadioNow podcast and YouTube show and Marty KC1CWF of the PhasingLine podcast about and the V3 dongles.

HRN 328: Carl Laufer's RTL-SDR on HamRadioNow

Just a reminder that slides from all the talks presented by myself are available on this post.

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