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by Enceladus
Thu Sep 19, 2019 12:42 pm
Forum: RTL-SDR Discussion
Topic: Listening to AM radio
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Re: Listening to AM radio

As a side note on listening to the Ham Bands, there is currently very little activity on the 10 and 12 meter bands. The 11 year sunspot cycle is at a low right now and consequently there is very little propagation on the higher bands. You could listen on the 20 m band (14-14.35 MHz), during the day,...
by Enceladus
Wed Sep 18, 2019 7:03 pm
Forum: RTL-SDR Discussion
Topic: Identify Cell Phone Frequency
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Identify Cell Phone Frequency

Is there a way that I can identify what frequency cell coverage is in a specific area? I'm not trying to decode it, but just identify the frequency band. I'm trying to help a friend that lives west of Denver, using Verizon. The cell coverage is very poor. I'd like to help order a cell phone booster ...