Raspberry and multiple RTL-SDR

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Raspberry and multiple RTL-SDR

Post by astro2021 » Mon May 10, 2021 7:50 pm

I’m desperately looking for detailed information on the instructions/modalities to be inserted in the raspberry (PI3 or PI4) to realize two of my projects.

1) A Raspberry with two rtl-sdr for AIS decoding and VDL-2
2) A Raspberry with two rtl-sdr for ADS-B decoding (each with a directive antenna and a portion of specific radio horizon)

There are hundreds of projects on the net but all that concern one raspberry with one rtl-sdr; I would like to use at least one raspberry with two rtl-sdr on usb.
I ask if possible a little help, surely for many people with more specific knowledge should not be a big problem.
I thank anyone who wants to help me.

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