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QTRadio RTL-SDR-HamITUp-WindwosXP RTL Server.

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:21 pm
by me1900
I have downloaded the QTRadio application because big list of supported software says QTRadio can run the RTL-SDR dongle with a special RTL server. I am lost on where to get the server. The github states 'clone in desktop' XP doesn't support clone in desktop and even if I had .net 4.5 installed there are no guarantees it'll work.

I ran QTRadio and I really like the GUI. I am hoping this special RTL server for QTradio supports a 125mhz shift for my Ham It Up Hf Up-converter.

Where is this special rtl server for QtRadio for windows? I am unable to clone anything. Does anyone have a prebuilt one for windows that doesn't fire off "not a valid win32 application"?