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Is anyone using TV-Sharp with an E4000 Dongle?

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:20 pm
by G0DJA

I've just joined this group as I stumbled across it when setting up TV-Sharp with my DVB-T dongle.

I can run the program, and it's decoding signals, but the picture doesn't 'lock' so there's a slant. As well as being only B&W of course.

I'm monitoring an ATV repeater on Lincoln Cathedral. I know that it is a good signal here as I used to monitor it using a different set up but I'm wondering if there's something wrong or maybe the signal from the ATV repeater, which is FM, isn't really compatible with the PAL system?

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on improving the picture, other than the obvious ones of using a better antenna, I'd be interested.

Cheers - Dave