Budget SDR?

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Budget SDR?

Post by SebyPI » Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:52 pm

Hy greetings from Romania !

I wonder to know if is possible to have a 'stand-alone SDR platform' whitout using a Windows-PC ,
.. have an Raspberry PI 2 board, but it's a totally waste of money , many SDR applications even linux-based like gqrx they are not
working on this device despite the 1gb RAM and Quad core processor, i spend days alot to search even an text-line based program to wear local
broadcasting FM or CB but whit no luck... RPI2 is good for online home entertaining , for learning kids programming --but not for SDR!
I want to leave this board in a dark side of my house and buy something same like RPI2 but whit Linux and capability to geting run my precious
RTL-SDR RTL2832U doungle, i heared about ANDROID TV's which can be 'hacked' to put UBUNTU, ubuntu it's great, i can install gqrx , dream,etc
but what devices are compatible whit this hack? ,,, i want to make this improvisation because in my local market Linux mini pc'd don't exists. :(
I want something small to run only SDR programs whit waterfall , and a browser (of corse s bonus :S)

Here is an example, but whit an Linux PC


Cheers !

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Re: Budget SDR?

Post by rtlsdrblog » Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:15 am

GQRX should be able to run on the Raspberry Pi 2, there's a video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E7v5fLcOsA showing it working. If you just want command line decoding then look into rtl_fm. You should also be able to run Ubuntu on the Rpi2.

You could try installing Linux on those Android devices, but I don't know if they are as powerful as the device you linked to. If you need more power why don't you order something like the new Odroid http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products ... 3452239825? Much more powerful than the Rpi2.

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