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Budget SDR?

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:52 pm
by SebyPI
Hy greetings from Romania !

I wonder to know if is possible to have a 'stand-alone SDR platform' whitout using a Windows-PC ,
.. have an Raspberry PI 2 board, but it's a totally waste of money , many SDR applications even linux-based like gqrx they are not
working on this device despite the 1gb RAM and Quad core processor, i spend days alot to search even an text-line based program to wear local
broadcasting FM or CB but whit no luck... RPI2 is good for online home entertaining , for learning kids programming --but not for SDR!
I want to leave this board in a dark side of my house and buy something same like RPI2 but whit Linux and capability to geting run my precious
RTL-SDR RTL2832U doungle, i heared about ANDROID TV's which can be 'hacked' to put UBUNTU, ubuntu it's great, i can install gqrx , dream,etc
but what devices are compatible whit this hack? ,,, i want to make this improvisation because in my local market Linux mini pc'd don't exists. :(
I want something small to run only SDR programs whit waterfall , and a browser (of corse s bonus :S)

Here is an example, but whit an Linux PC

Cheers !

Re: Budget SDR?

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:15 am
by rtlsdrblog
GQRX should be able to run on the Raspberry Pi 2, there's a video here showing it working. If you just want command line decoding then look into rtl_fm. You should also be able to run Ubuntu on the Rpi2.

You could try installing Linux on those Android devices, but I don't know if they are as powerful as the device you linked to. If you need more power why don't you order something like the new Odroid ... 3452239825? Much more powerful than the Rpi2.