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Feasability of a DSO (digital storage osc.) pluggin SDR#

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:39 pm
by SDRDash
Hi, i research a lot about that and found nothing. Now, would it be possible to program a pluggin for # or a stand alone program to use the dongle (2832) as a DSO. Combined with an upconverter for lower frequencies under 20mhz, i feel it could be a decent pulse train analyser for the hobbyist supporting micro controller developpement. I figured if it could be tuned to the intended frequency, the 0 1 out a uC pin could be analyzed with similar dedicated DSO functions. Having all the computer power available to do it like the usb analyzers. Even if the quality of the rendition is not perfect due to the nature of the tuner, the bandwidth and samples per sec could be amazing for the price of the dongle. Or call it a logic analyzer maybe. If someone can decode qpsk and such, it could surely be done at the electronic developpement level by connecting it to a circuit (with protection of course) instead of an antenna.

Any ideas!