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Post by dkshadow38 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:08 pm

Hello all,

Im new to this field. Had my RT280T dongle for awhile but till recently left it alone. Now starting to try and learn SDR again. Set up SDRSharp with DSD plugins following one of the guides off this forum. Been reading the different wiki's, Great Scott's course, etc. Trying to wrap my head around things. I still find myself turning on SDRSharp and trying to navigate to different bandwith's. However, I am trying to get to the next level of understanding of which bandwith's to tune into, what different waveforms mean based on what frequency im tuned into, etc. I am still unable to determine different bands and what im actually capable of decoding/listening to given the RT280T dongle. I realize the frequency is a huge range. I do have the dongle connected to my laptop next to a window. sorry if this is a rambling post, Im trying to clearly communicate what im struggling with. I think i am struggling with an overload of information and not sure what to make of what.

I can use radioreference to find a frequency, and supposedly somehow DSD is supposed to make sense of voice communications if i find a frequency that is P25? All i seem to get is static or random noises. I realize alot of this comes down to me learning how to use SDRSharp more and tune into specific frequencies using the guide they gave. My setup followed: As such, with this dongle am i really only able to tune into police bands/fm radio?

sorry this post is really rambly and just a newbie trying to make sense of how to understand what im looking at in SDRSharp, how to tune SDRsharp based on what i see, etc.....Super lost....I really want to learn and not ready to give up confused

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Re: Newbie

Post by alanzfq » Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:05 am

"navigate to different bandwith's"? Sorry that makes no sense to me, you tune to frequencies. Bandwidth is basically the width of a signal depending on the mode.
Too many questions, I can't help with DSD but there are frequencies where you might receive it? I guess the plugin helps you with all that? And the way decode it?
I'd try amateur FM first, if you cannot receive that then anything else is unlikely to be successful.
You should use a decent antenna, maybe filters, gain is critical but dependent on your situation. The dongle is cheap, you have to try harder than with a normal radio to get it to work.
You do not say which dongle you have I guess it is a basic one?

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