usrp-ExtIO major update!

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usrp-ExtIO major update!

Post by yangfei » Thu May 02, 2019 3:45 pm

Compile using win10 x64 + vs2017;

The revision version used 1.69;

UHD uses the latest version of 3.14.0.

Since SDR # mainly releases 32-bit versions, many plug-ins only provide 32-bit versions, so 32-bit packages are provided by default.

Hdsdr can be used, but when encountering the problem of sound discontinuity, especially when WFM is in wide bandwidth mode, the waterfall flow is normal. It is not clear here. If that friend knows what to do here, please give me advice.

64-bit DLL is also available, sdrshaper x64 version can be used, please take it on demand;

SDR #, UHD is suspected to have memory leaks (not positioned carefully), but it is not very extraordinary, running a day will increase hundreds of medium memory;

32-bit SDR system running over 50M bandwidth is prone to run memory problems. It is recommended that students who need 50M + bandwidth use 64-bit version.

If the non-win10 system is not tested carefully, it may encounter the problem of lacking DLL. Please use the tools such as depending on others to find and fill it up by yourself.

OTW_format is the choice of output precision, SC8 can get larger bandwidth (twice SC16), refer to Collins.

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