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RTL-SDR buffering and frequency change

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 1:46 pm
by edinsam
I want to use a rtl-sdr as a simple frequency scanner, by setting a RX frequency, reading a block of IQ stream, then switching to the next frequency and so on.

How do I sync the frequency set to the incoming buffer? i.e. how do I know what frequency span the read buffer corresponds to, considering the internal IQ data buffering within the dongle plus the time taken for the dongle to change frequency?

Is it better to do a start-stop arrangement? i.e. stop scan, change frequency, wait, restart scan. If so, what i the best programming sequence for this?

PS: I am using a callback arrangement. and direct low level programming calls, i.e. rtlsdr_read_async() rtlsdr_reset_async() etc. This we have used before successfully on "normal" receiving software.