Is there a downconverter - to reach 5-6 gigs

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Is there a downconverter - to reach 5-6 gigs

Post by KD0CAC » Fri Jan 15, 2016 3:05 pm

I got into these dongles , and accessories - upconverter to be able to use as a pan adaptor for ham radio ,
Also to look for RFI , have lots of RFI in my area that affect broadcast TV and 2-5 gig wifi .
So looking to see if someone has kit ? for the higher bands ?

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Re: Is there a downconverter - to reach 5-6 gigs

Post by 9a4qv » Tue Jan 19, 2016 9:12 am

Just recently Paul Wade W1GHZ publish the papers from the last year conference where he is showing his recent 5.7GHz rover transverter. This is cheap approach that works OK. You can use just a receiving part of the project and make that project even simpler.

I did it also cheap way, assembling complete transverter from my microwave lego bricks on the request during the contest from zero to QSO just in 30 minutes. You can see the contact on the following video, distance 55km using just a horn antenna from my balcony.

There are also quite cheap surplus Endwave parts on the ebay that can be converted easily to what you need, already done by some guys, and working really nice.

have fun

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