Upgrade path from Msi.SDR

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Upgrade path from Msi.SDR

Post by chipping » Thu Jul 23, 2020 3:48 pm

Hi all,

I had my first SDR, an Msi.SDR, for a few weeks and had great fun with it. It's really great value money! I scratch built a ¼ wave ground plane antenna for airband that came out near perfect with SWR 1.01 @29MHz. I use CubicSDR on MacOS which is great.

However, though Msi.SDR has a lot going for it, like huge band width and 10Ms/s, I find some issues: A lot of spurs, massive leakage from the 24MHz ref clock and plus harmonics, IF programmable gain stage is really flaky (the AGC is useless), and input impedance that is all over the place.

So, what is the best upgrade path from here, that mitigate the issues with Msi.SDR and provides equal or better specs that won't be too costly? I really want to stick with CubicSDR on MacOS, so the upgrade must have drivers for MacOS.

Any suggestions most welcome!

Thanks and regards,

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Re: Upgrade path from Msi.SDR

Post by alanzfq » Fri Jul 24, 2020 8:11 am

A quick search shows this to be a SDR Play "clone" except it is not a true clone, does not work anything like as well.
Look at the true SDR Play, check as many reviews as you can, they seem to be well respected but not so cheap.
Also wide bandwidth done well is expensive, I do not know if the MAC restricts your choice, Airspys are good.

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