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Remote calibration

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:18 am
by TomGalletti

I'm planning to deploy several Kerberos SDRs remotely, using Pis on teamviewer to check on anything and uploading bearings to RDFMapper. My issue is, when the Pi needs rebooting for whatever reason, the Kerberos software needs to be setup again from scratch. This is fine while I'm sat next to it, as I can disconnect the antennas to calibrate it on the "SYNC" tab, but if it's deployed remotely somewhere I can't get to it, that presents a problem...

I'm planning to use it remotely to plot bearings, and it's location will be static so is there a way to save the calibration to memory, so that whenever the Pi reboots and I hit "start process", all of the settings being used previously (calibration, filter settings, etc) can just start up again automatically, without me having to go through the process.

Thanks in advance for any help.