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Is there a plug-in for 2-tone paging ?

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:29 am
by radicalbill
I am looking for a plug-in that will display tones used when paging fire and EMS departments

I just started using SDR trunk and was surprised to see that displays the tones as they are being transmitted

So for instance 313.1 Hz 1206.5 Hz

I am attempting to map a new County that has not been decoded before

The county I live in when I first moved here 5 years ago I recorded several weeks worth of audio and used audacity to find out the paging tones for each department's siren and their pagers as well as the chiefs individual paging tones and other specific tones for specific people

It would be great if I could read the tones as they're being transmitted instead of having to load the audio files into Cool edit pro and then into audacity in order to discover the tones for each department

If anyone knows where a plug-in is that can do this, or if someone who is skilled in programming and code writing could create a new plug-in that would display the tones, I would greatly appreciate it



Re: Is there a plug-in for 2-tone paging ?

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:45 am
by grafter
Is this DTMF, it looks like there a few programmes that will decode it if so?

Years ago I used to use a programme called Wintone that decoded CTCSS and DTMF, you could use a VAC to port out audio from SDR Sharp using the MPX output plugin into Wintone or similar standalone prog.