SDR-RTL for longwave and mediumwave

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SDR-RTL for longwave and mediumwave

Post by W99 » Sat Apr 10, 2021 1:17 pm

Hi guys. Total newbie here, and just dipping my toe into the water.

Can anyone recommend an SDR dongle for picking up longwave (148-283KHz) and mediumwave (531-1602KHz) radio stations here in the UK, please? I'm looking to use one single dongle, rather than having to add a Ham It Up upconverter.

Many thanks.

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Re: SDR-RTL for longwave and mediumwave

Post by hotpaw2 » Sat Apr 10, 2021 6:12 pm

An RTL-SDR V.3 in Direct Sampling mode might work. But if you can afford to pay for a more expensive SDR, consider the Airspy HF+ Discovery or SDRPlay RSPdx for more dynamic range, less likelihood of overload, and perhaps better sensitivity in the LF and MF frequency ranges,

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Re: SDR-RTL for longwave and mediumwave

Post by alanzfq » Mon Apr 12, 2021 6:47 am

For local stations a v3 will probably suit you.
If you get a little critical then an upconverter will be better.
By the time you've bought those then you are not far away from the cost of an Airspy which, providing 700Khz bandwidth is acceptable, is about as good you'll get for the price.

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