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[Project Suggestion]: GUI with vintage Audio/RF Oscilloscope

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:35 am
by AD5NL
Hi everyone,

I saw a video on YouTube for a vintage FM receiver, the SAE Mark 6, which had a tuning oscilloscope as well as a digital display powered by nixie tubes (old tube alternative to LED / LCD displays).

SDR#, gqrx etc. are great all-around tools but lack the nostalgic charm of old receivers.

I am not much of a programmer, particularly outside of bash scripts and python. But for someone who is good at programming GUIs, it might be neat to build a visual interface for an RTLSDR that emulates some of the features of vintage FM receivers, like the AF/RF oscilloscope, or perhaps a "Stereo" indicator light.

("Whiff of ozone" smell optional!)