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Phase Measurements

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:39 pm
by monchosoad
Hello Everyone, how are you? I'm very new on everything related to SDR, RTL and so on. So, first of all, i apologize if i'm asking stupid questions :lol:
I don't know if this is question is on the correct thread type. But my project is very simple. I like to make masurements of the phase of a pure RF sinusoid. The "reference" to take the measurement, may be the same integrated oscillator of the RTL-SDR. But i don't know how the PLL on the dongle works.

I began to learn the basics today. I know there is the osmocom's app "osmocom_fft" that has an option to display an oscilloscope (instead the spectrum analyzer). Maybe i can start using that option but i don't know if there is a more convenient tool to do such measurements.

Thanks a Lot!