SDR over IP from DVB-T2 over IP plug Challenge

Show off any of your RTL-SDR or cheap SDR related projects.
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SDR over IP from DVB-T2 over IP plug Challenge

Post by sdrOverIPfun » Tue Sep 04, 2018 4:34 pm

I would dare to Challange, can someone know about mod/hack needed to make such device:

telestar . de / produkt / digiporty-t2 /
into SDR over IP. It does not need to be this exact product, but It need to be stand alone broadcast receiver over IP.

Forgive me for giving description of link, but my English is too poor to describe it in other way, and the Idea is foreign enough for general population.(Let Dear Moderator feel free to edit it, if I'm breaking any Rules)

I am searching for such solution in order to be able to receive AM digital Radio over IP, DLNA or just UPnp.

And I suppose only products of this type/segment can have potential to be cheap enough receiver in order to boost digitalization of radio, and Save Digital Radio Mondiale+ standard from dying out and other standard of digital broadcast over AM.

I have seen so far only raspberry pi with usb dvb-t tuner pluged in used as drm+ over IP server.

But solution seemed amatoure and elaborate.

I do not think people in poor countries could have knowledge how to setup.

And I suppose such type of device have potential to become the cheapest way to receive am Digital Radio Mondiale+ and even DAB+.

And I only humbly suppose all mod to achieve desired reception would be to install alternative software on the phone. —

If we could change/modify such deveice designed to make avaible over IP DVB-t2 signals, just by changing firmware info SDR over IP (exactly as was discovered by DVB-t1 dongles, but they were USB)
We could on client side (which could be just mobile phone, android tv box) use just software to listen to DRM+ DAB+, CB Radio, this Is what I suppose.
Because changing firmware in order to get working DLNA/UPnp server as getway between FM, AM DRM+, DAB+ is more complicated.
And I suppose, first step is changing such device into SDR over IP, then in case of success we could think of changing it into DLNA server or just UPnp Server.
However changing it into just SDR over IP is big success.
I know you can just plug SDR usb dongle into mobile phone, but it completely DEmobiles it.
With very cheap SDR over IP there is only need to run appropriate software in mobile phone. No hanging USB stick, no need to sacrifice expensive good in form of additional smartphone in poor country {some people in rich countries do not like to care about excess phone battery maintenance etc., patience on comparalby more luggish menu}
And that would enable even people in poor countries to listen digital Radio Mondiale on cheap SDR over IP, on cheap smartphone (But, the only one they have) in rural area without internet subscipiton fees.
Such Digital Radio from smartphone through bluetooth could be played out in standalone bluetooh speakers.
And if we could change it into customizable DLNA/UPnp service even people in reach countries could use it with comfort.
I know you think that you can stick SDR usb into raspberry pi.
But raspberry pi cost in poor countries more than cheap smartphone they use.
If they were just SDR over IP plug just for frequencies of Digital Radio of different standards {And that made from plug that enables digital terrestrial tv over ip} that would boost digital AM radio even in rural areas with no coverage of digital terrestial tv.
I suppose such SDR over IP should cost bellow $25 in order for that to happen. (I have seen such dvb-t1 over IP in similar price but in refurbished form).
And Since small revolution came out of USB DVB-T dongle turned into revolutionary cheaply SDR device.
I think much greater revolution can possible came out from SDR over IP Ethernet/wifi plug that would be revolutionary cheaply and giving revolutionary possibility without sacrificing additional smartphone Made from DVB-T2 over IP plug.
The Good which is not cheap in poor countires.
All standalone DRM+ radios are considered even in my country expensive. They cost more than 4k blu ray device which in my country is considered luxury, and there are countries much poorer than mine.
My country would be considered pretty rich among poor countries.
That is what is hindering Digitization of AM radios, because, people in poor countries, the only one which would be really interested in listening AM radio, can not afford buying Digital Standalone or mobile AM radio equipment.

Or maybe There Exist cheap standAlone DVB-T2 tuners with Rj-45 for YouTube and HDMI, who after firmware change could serve as also as DVB-t2 to IP servers and SDR over IP servers.

I myself am not that good to be able to do it.
I could do it in comfortable situation if I could be seated in front of orginal firmware source code and compiler and full specification info. Then it could happen, but I give no warranty.
I know some of You guys are Good Engough and could do it without such comfortable situation and even brake some encryption of firmware.

Why would anyone Listen Radio by SDR over IP if he could listen internet Radio?
Because Listening Radio from Antenna gives you more anonymity, and internet Radio url can be Censored, and SDR over IP with help of encryption would allow You to put in the internet anonymous radio mirror.
And internet still is not over all the planet.

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Re: SDR over IP from DVB-T2 over IP plug Challenge

Post by rtlsdrblog » Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:17 am

SDR over IP is already very very common. Look up KiwiSDR and, and SpyServer.

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Re: SDR over IP from DVB-T2 over IP plug Challenge

Post by Username » Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:28 pm

Forgett about the Crap Product!
Because Listening Radio from Antenna gives you more anonymity, and internet Radio url can be Censored
lol you are funny.
How about ?
Do you real think that Short Wave Radio is not Censored? :lol:
I dont know where you are from but in many Country the Broadcast just that what the should not what the want.

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