Trying to open my weird Garage with radio at 434Mhz

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Trying to open my weird Garage with radio at 434Mhz

Post by acujl » Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:24 pm

Heya! I'm tring to open my garage with a replica of my signal with a 433.9Mhz transmitter and a raspberry pi 3


My signal in the Universal Radio Hacker looks like this..

The code detected is this..
10101010101010101010101 [Pause: 3879 samples]
100110110100110110100100100100110110100110110100100100110110110100100100100110110100100100110100110100100110110100110100110111010010010011011011011011011011011011011011011011011010011011010011 [Pause: 15532 samples]
10101010101010101010101 [Pause: 3881 samples]

And this is my replica! with the 5V transmitter compared with the 12V 27A (I think the problem lies here(?))
And the code..
10101010101010101010101 [Pause: 3933 samples]
100110110100110110100100100100110110100110110100100100110110110100100100100110110100100100110100110100100110110100110100110111010010010011011011011011011011011011011011011011011010011011010011 [Pause: 15584 samples]
10101010101010101010101 [Pause: 3932 samples]

Used a python script to transmit it, any clues why the replica don't work?

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Re: Trying to open my weird Garage with radio at 434Mhz

Post by Airwind » Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:24 am

I haven't experimented with garage doors yet, but does your system happen to use a rolling code (does the transmitted signal change each time you hit the button on the remote)? If not, try adjusting the timings a bit. I have done some tests with a doorbell and certain remote power switches - some of them were very sensitive to timing (just a slight baud rate change caused the device not to work) while others were completely insensitive and worked up to 10% inaccuracy or more.

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Re: Trying to open my weird Garage with radio at 434Mhz

Post by Eagle72 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 7:13 pm

Do you have Gnu-Radio ? if so i can show u a setup of 4 things you can play with.

1. You can decode the key which is of 25bits directly you will see if the code is correct by entering multiple times and see if u got same data.

2. There is also possible to analyze the bandwith so you can se exact avarage band spectrum for devices.

3. You can use bruteforce , for example if you got one remove with 4 buttons u will be able to bruteforce them and replay signals in the same time!

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