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Looking for Advice for New Project

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 2:39 am
by qetuo381
I'm thinking about starting a project, but have no experience in this area and am just beginning to learn. I live on the St. Lawrence Seaway and have freighters pass right in front of my house. I imagine creating a system where I could pull AIS data and set up a LED light strip along the wall facing the water. If possible, I would convert the AIS data so that the "ships" would slowly move across the light bar as they entered a "geo-fence" type area that stretched maybe a half mile on either side of my house. Ideally, the system would automatically detect the ships as they entire the geographic area, automatically move across the light bar, and light up a different number of LEDs based on the length of the ship. It could even change the color of the LED based on the type of ship or maybe the flag the ship flies.

If anyone could provide any type of advice or maybe even let me know if you know of any similar projects I could start with, it would be tremendously appreciated!