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rtl_tcp compatible server for the LimeSDR Mini

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 7:27 am
by hotpaw2
I recently acquired a new LimeSDR Mini USB SDR module. Not much bigger than an RTL-SDR, 10 MHz to 3.8 Ghz frequency range, 12-bit sampling, full-duplex, capable of a wider bandwidth than a Raspberry Pi can use.

In order to test the receive function of the LimeSDR Mini using my existing SDR applications, I wrote an rtl_tcp compatible IQ server.

The source code to my lmm_tcp server is posted on GitHub:

Using the lmm_tcp server, I can the plug a LimeSDR Mini into a Raspberry Pi 3, then view an RF waterfall and listen to demodulated audio on my iPhone or iPad, using either my rtl_tcp SDR app, or the SDR Receiver iOS app.

LimeSDR Mini:

rtl_tcp SDR iOS app: ... 64646?mt=8

SDR Receiver iOS app: ... 39888?mt=8