USB HUB Recommendation!!!

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USB HUB Recommendation!!!

Post by Username » Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:06 pm

I can higly this USB Hub recommend:
4P: ... kmale.html
7P: ... kmale.html
10P: ... kmale.html

The are full shield. I receive quite NO NOISE from my SDR with!
Maybe the Port is isolated I dont know but the Signal is cristal clean!

What I cant NOT recommend is this Isolator:
Yes the Ports are Isolated but the Case is Made out of Plastic and the Power goes from the USB to the Stick.
Maybe with a Mode the work better. Save the Money and buy one of the USB Hub above the are great!

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Re: USB HUB Recommendation!!!

Post by snn47 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:00 am

Even if an USB Hubs is shielded it won't help if you use poorly shielded USB cableand if you don't have a consistant shielding from connector to cable to connector, for all devises connected together.

In comercial receiver metall boxes are used, which are either soldered cover or have additional contact lips all around the cover and use many scres holding it in place to enshure adequate shielding. Every whole or slot increases chance for interference.

The isolator you quoted as beeing useless (here english version) ... anguage=en is intended to provide galvanic isolation and not tho reduce RF-interference.

Galvanic isolation means you have "infinitate" resistance between in and output e.g. vial optical means or transformer. It is used e.g. to supress AC (50 Hz/60 Hz) interference during audio recording, e.g. when several device are operating on a different voltage potential due to e.g. difference in AC line or opearting from a different phase.

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