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Meteor M2 images just black.

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:56 pm
by AlarmedFelix
I dont know what i should say more.
I "downloaded" picture from Meteor M2 about 10 minutes ago and just finished decoding it but there is somethingg weird.
Its only black nothing more .

I used little more complicated setup because my antenna is far away (50meters )from my Windows PC and i have only portable netbook with skywave liveusb on it ( SATA interface died ), i recieve Meteor on gqrx and save it into an IQ file , then i convert .raw to .wav with great utility on linux VM called GQRX_2_SDRSHARP ( its works well ) , then i will just play .wav file in SDR# and use the Meteor Demodulator ( and then its like on normal setup ).
Sorry for my horrible english ( its my second lang )