Idea - Handheld Pi receiver

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Idea - Handheld Pi receiver

Post by mrtomato » Thu Jan 28, 2021 2:24 pm

Hi I have idea since I have Pi 4 with DAC Hat with additional headphone Amp and 3.5mm jack port and RCA.

I am wondering if there is possibility to to make portable set with YouLoop.

Preferably for RTL SDR V3 with SpyVerter or sth similar or even HF+ Discovery.

I will be buying oryginal 7" screen and also acrylic case with have room for LCD, Pi and DAC.

I have very very very limited programing skills but have idea to add rotary push encoders for frequency changing or even buttons for changing modulation or sth.

I have watched some videos and encoders could be handled by GPIO or Arduino.

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