Boot Key Cruisers Net on the Net

Show off any of your RTL-SDR or cheap SDR related projects.
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Re: Boot Key Cruisers Net on the Net

Post by 9a4qv » Fri May 20, 2016 8:22 am

I did not mean to put the streaming station on the boat. The main receiver that will stream the traffic to the web should be on the coast somewhere with a good coverage and good internet connection. It can run 24/7 but it can run only during the Net to save the bandwidth and cost if not on the flat rate or for some other reasons.

On boat stations have the radio, so they do not need the SDR radio, or if they want to have it, they will have to do it through the phone 3G, 4G, or next 5G... connection.

As you mention, I do not know if the proposed Linux sw support the Airspy, but I have seen many radio supported and I will be surprised that Airspy is not on the list.


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Re: Boot Key Cruisers Net on the Net

Post by CapCouillon » Sat May 21, 2016 1:18 am

First off tks to Adam and rtlsdrblog for your comments and suggestions. Every idea spawns at least 3 more...

Would love to get an AirSpy probably one of the new "mini" I know gqrx supports them, but not too sure about rtl_fm. Rtl_fm is still the software of choice (so far) because its extensive command line interface allows for easy bash scripting of automatic unattended operations. As you are aware, and rtlsdrblog pointed out, the bandwidth available on the boat (off shore) is not adequate or reliable enough for any live stream at this time. If we can get this whole setup to run on a Pi(3) in the future, with a small enough physical footprint we may be able to talk the City Marina into letting us hang it off their tower which will also give us good access to a reasonable bandwith internet connection.

I don't think our goals of providing a single vhf net one time a day meets the general criteria of WebSDR or their audience, but I love the group tuners around the world. For us, much easier to provide the bandwidth from a dedicated internet server to a larger audience than relying on the uplink bandwidth for multiple users. We are a fixed (156.425Mhz) frequency operation for a max of 1.5 hrs a day. Good idea though.

Thanks for the pointer to the tee-stub notch filter. Quick and dirty and can probably scrounge most of the parts around the harbor. Looks pretty straight forward. The interfering transmissions are pretty clear while running gqrx.
A high pass or bandpass filter is not beyond my construction abilities. Plenty of PC board and soldering experience. Where I need the guidance is after running one of the available online "calculators" how close is close enough in the capacitors and inductors... Mouser and etc have an ass of them, but how close to 31.032 nano henrys do I need to be to be close to the freq I want. Hope to find a local (or not so local) who does this all the time who can say "Ehhh that's close enough, don't worry bout it"

Still trying to duplicate gqrx settings (gui) in rtl_fm Gqrx is easier to adjust on the fly, but the documentation about what the settings in the gui really mean to the dongle are not really all that good. Poke and hope slowly. When I think I have an optimum gqrx setup maybe one of you all (or someone lurking) can help me transpose that to the rtl_fm command line switches.

If it were simple, it wouldn't be near so much fun. Tks again for the suggestions and the help.
More to follow


If your are interested in listening to a sample on the prototype site (mp3 recorded via udp stream and uploaded via sftp)
Sounds like it needs a little more bandwidth to me as well as a bit of gain and less squelch. Will try again tomorrow
And yes thats me as net control...


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Re: Boot Key Cruisers Net on the Net

Post by CapCouillon » Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:31 pm

Hello all... the project continues. Been working on front end site for a change of pace as rtl_fm has totally failed. At least for this application. Getting usable recordings via gqrx udp stream kludge noted in earlier post (working recordings available at : Click on "Listen" menu item)
Gqrx Settings:
  • Filter: Wide
    Mode: Narrow FM
    AGC: Fast
    Squelch: -58.5 dBFS
    LNB LO: 0Mhz
    Gain: 10
    Freq Correction: 0ppm
    Stream as UDP
Have been unable to duplicate settings in rtl_fm. Interfering signal around 156.3M still running all over the target freq. Waiting on parts for filters, but if tuner will work ok in Gqrx it should be ok in rtl-fm with the correct settings ???

Lack of command line options for Gqrx means it must be started manually every day and I am not always able to be here at the laptop (Hence the blank dates on the website)

Still looking for options. Perseverance furthers :)

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Boot Key Cruisers Net on the Net

Post by Leono » Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:21 am

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