Some basic questions about Portapack H2 mayhem

Talk about other SDR products like the FunCube, HackRF, BladeRF etc.
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Some basic questions about Portapack H2 mayhem

Post by Lukas » Sat Apr 03, 2021 9:16 pm


I bought a Portapack H2 mayhem because I'm very interested on various technical topics and I'm sure this little device will help me to learn a lot new things. So currently no specific objectives.
I already have some experience with a USB rtl-sdr used for some analysis and projects.

This is the one I got (no advertising or recommendation):
Warning: SD card does not fit through the frontpanel and there is no panel around the buttons.

1) I have no idea where to find a dedicated forum for mayhem or portapack.
Is this a good place for my questions or does someone know a more specific forum?

2) Loudspeaker Housing
My Portapack arrived with an separately packed loudspeeker + cable.
I soldered it together, found a connector labeled with speaker +-, but nothing to hear.
Is there anything else to do e.g. switching on checkbox or so?
I haven't checked the connector signal output yet, so possible that my loudspeaker is damaged or +- is labeled wrong.
Where did you mount the speaker into the housing, I already extend the speaker cable and tried to find a place inside the housing, but no chance. Could someone please send a picture of a possible mounting solution?
Earphones work well. Battery pack installed(require some space)

3) Is there a functional description about the LEDs around the rotary encoder?
One of the 4 LED sometimes blinks regularly, no Idea why.
Can they be configured or switched off? They are incredible bright.

4)worldmap image
I copied the content of folder sdcard on the sd card but the worldmap does not work.
So according to the wiki it requires to run to generate a generate_world_map.bin
looks like some scripts are written for Python2(airline) and some for Python3 (worldmap), however requires lib PIL which is probably in LIB pillow. Ok scripts run, but now I got a world_map.bin which is 8.2GB large :shock: to large for FAT32.
Has someone an Idea, I'm not a python expert? ... generation

5) Finally
I would like to ask if someone could recommend me good basic literature or video channels about radio signals (frequencies, bandwidth, coding,..)? no specific application, just general to get an overview.

Thanks a lot for all feedback and help.

br Lukas

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Re: Some basic questions about Portapack H2 mayhem

Post by Mr.Underhill » Tue Jun 01, 2021 9:31 am

I've got the same questions...

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