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anyone done a comparison with the flights aware pro stick?

Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:54 am
by g4jnw
I am considering getting a flight aware pro stick plus it has a built in amplifier and filter and is aimed at 1090mhz, at the moment I use either a SDRplay or a R820T2 Chip usb stick, has anyone done a comparison between the SDRplay and the flight aware pro stick plus.

Im in the UK and cannot find yet a stockist, even amazon are out of stock although they do have the flight aware pro stick they don't have the plus version.

The write up looks good but could be biased.

The reason for wanting one is to have a dedicated device to 1090mhz and use my other devices for other frequencies, I know the SDRplay works pretty good but can't afford to buy a second one at the moment.

Re: anyone done a comparison with the flights aware pro stic

Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:23 pm
by rtlsdrblog
The prostick plus is pretty good for ADS-B, as long as you don't have any strong interferes nearby. If you do add a filter.

I think that it should be about as good as the SDRplay on ADS-B. Not sure about the stock situation, but I think there are some world wide sellers on eBay.

Re: anyone done a comparison with the flights aware pro stic

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:19 pm
by hotpaw2
I have one of each.

The FlightAware USB dongles have a front-end RF amplifier (LNA) built-in, which increases their sensitivity (thus range), but also how easily they can get overloaded by any other nearby RF signals. I can see that in some of my waterfall plots. So it's recommended that you use them (or get one) with a band-pass filter, and perhaps an antenna well matched to the RF spectrum of interest. The FlightAware dongles also come in a plastic shell, not metal, which may increase the likelihood of interference from any RFI in their immediate vicinity (nearby PCs, routers, power supplies, cheap cables, etc.)

The RTL-SDR V.3 dongles have the advantage of allowing direct sampling mode, if that is of any interest to you.

I currently can't find any working drivers for the SDRPlay (to allow building apps on a current Mac or Raspberry Pi), so it's currently a useless box on my shelf.