Bladerf SDR sharp

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Bladerf SDR sharp

Post by EmilK » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:10 pm

Hello everyone
Hardware: Bladerf x40 and the XB 200 addon board.
There is a plugin (SDR Sharp) that should make this board usable with it, the problem is that my blade isn't listed even if the magic line is inserted correctly, all dll and other files are installed.
SDR Console V2 isn't recognising the board and SDR Console V3 is capable of seeing it only if the Bladerf v2 is selected as receiver but SDR Console V3 has no clue about the XB 200 board. I guess that the last firmware has trashed something.
Anyone out there with a functioning version of sdr sharp that can drive the Bladerf x40 and willing to share it?


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