The First International Congress of Libre Manufacturers

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The First International Congress of Libre Manufacturers

Post by MERLInc » Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:23 pm

Hi everybody!

It may seem a bit off-topic (hence the tab) but in my capacity as CDO of MERLInc, I am attempting to invite all interested parties to weigh in on the ICLM (International Congress of Libre Manufacturers). Software defined radios represent all that is wonderful about Open-Source - I recently got SDRTrunk working on my Intel NUCi7 and it is very liberating!
A critical mass of folks is necessary for this ideal to function, and it is not about my company - but rather it is for everyone. MERLInc does NOT stand to profit from this Congress.

If you like the idea, please tell everyone you know - and poke your favorite coders/builders/suppliers/teachers/etc... to get on board!

Perhaps a unified, extension based SDR platform could be a topic at such a meeting? You know, ONE program for all our exciting SDR uses (without a virtual cable or three programs running!)...

Thanks for all your help, and happy listening!

I hope it is not verboten to have attached a .jpg of the flier
Congress of Libre Manufacture-page-001.jpg
Congress of Libre Manufacture-page-001.jpg (351.34 KiB) Viewed 1979 times

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