USB cable

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USB cable

Post by MeredithSmith » Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:07 am

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner

There are many models in the current market, which makes choosing the best vacuum cleaners for your needs and wants more difficult. Do not worry! This post is going to be specific about crucial things to consider before you buy one. That way, you can narrow down your choice to find the most suitable vacuum for your space.

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What areas to clean


Will you use your machine to handle a shop, the entire house, or your car? By being clear about where to vacuum, you can decide more easily whether to buy a larger or smaller lightweight unit. For example, if you are in the market for a model for your shop, you may want to account for shop vacuums that are more likely to tackle the tough jobs. Generally, search for the types of vacuum cleaners which cater to your needs.

Canister vs. Upright

If you are wondering whether you should get upright or canister vacuums, be sure you think about these factors. Uprights are a fantastic option if you plan to use them on one level of your house. Moreover, they will make cleaning more comfortable in case you have difficulty lifting and bending.

Meanwhile, canister models will provide you with a bit more ease and freedom of dealing with tight spots. If your home has a long staircase, this type is probably more suitable. Ever wonder why? The hose of the upright indeed has certain limitations. Also, it is not easy to balance the vacuum on your stairs.

Air quality characteristics

HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air) work to get rid of particles in the air and prevent it from recurring in your home. Though this feature is excellent, you need to replace the filter regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, it is a bit costly. Some canister vacuum cleaners come with this characteristic. Be sure you check how it is attached to your cleaning machine for a trouble-free operation.

Bagless vs. bagged vacuums

Many uprights have the bagless feature. It is considered a perk, and will be cost-effective as you will not have to purchase bags. Furthermore, retrieving your earrings, etc. which are sucked up accidentally will be easier.

That being said, units which use bags have their benefits as well. They usually retain more dirt aside from the advantage of letting less dust back into the air when you empty them. If you choose to bring home a bagged unit, do not forget to pick up a good stock of bags along with the vacuum cleaner purchase.


How your Best rated vacuum cleaners Image perform has to with motor, suction, filtration, airflow, brushes, powerhead, power bar, nozzles, and hose quality. They will function impressively if you pay enough attention to them. For example, if you clean filters and change bags regularly.



Watts or amps define the power of your model. By amps, we mean the electric current that flows through the device. Watts are equivalent to amps multiplied by volts. The amps of uprights are often from 7 amps to 12 amps. The rating of canister units is usually 12 amps.

Other handy characteristics

Upright brushes can cover a more significant cleaning area than floor attachments or power nozzles. The indicator light for a full bag is essential, and an integrated headlight is excellent as well. Besides, check out the product warranty.

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The bottom line

For anyone who does not like house cleaning, selecting good vacuum cleaners is essential. Some units are more suitable for specific surfaces and tasks than others, and choosing the proper one will save you plenty of effort and time. As there are so many models in the market these days, we hope the above guide helps you find the best fit more quickly and easily.
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Re: USB cable

Post by rtlsdrblog » Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:04 am

Active USB cables to work, but i'm not sure if there are short ones.

The short cable you're using is probably just too low in quality to work with a high data rate device like the RTL-SDR. Get a good high quality short passive USB cable and you'll be fine.

Alternatively a powered hub may be useful.

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Re: USB cable

Post by aurgathor » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:57 pm

Any size of extender cable should work as long as it can handle the roughly 300 mA without a significant voltage drop and it's not too bad otherwise.

I bought some 6" pigtail extender cables for the exact same reason from monoprice 5+ years ago and they work fine with RTL-SDR dongles. (monoprice no longer sell those cables)

Active USB cables are normally 15ft or longer, and because they use some power, they may not be able to power a device needing about 300 mA.

One good solution is to use an externally powered USB hub. External power is very important since a bus powered hub may not work, or work reliably.

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Re: USB cable

Post by Username » Mon Apr 29, 2019 4:47 pm

some 6" pigtail extender cables
What did you do?

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