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Project Review/Advice

Post by harri192 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:10 am

I have a pretty good background in DSP but when it comes to SDR and hardware selection/setup I have to admit I’m a noob.

I’m looking for general advice on a project I’m about to set up. My end goal is to be able to record a signal that’s being transmitted between 1400-1500 MHz with a 10 MHz bandwidth.

This is just for personal/hobby type interests so I’m definitely trying to stay on a reasonable budget.

So far I’ve gone ahead and purchased a lime SDR mini and the following discone antenna off of amazon. I plan to mount the antenna in my attic and run a 50 ft RG8X cable directly from the antenna to my SDR/computer.

The next part I’m more interested in is whether I need any additional gear such as the wife and LNA seen on this site and the FM band stop filter. If these are needed, in what order to I need to connect the devices? Also I’m concerned on how to provide power to the LNA since most of the guidance on this site relates to using the RTL V3 bias tee to power the LNA which I don’t think is going to be applicable on the limeSDR mini. Honestly I don’t know what a bias tee is, but if I had to guess I’m assuming it’s providing power via the connector back shell or something.

Thanks in advance! ... prod_image

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