Android direction finider app - available options

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Android direction finider app - available options

Post by thealx » Wed Aug 12, 2020 12:52 pm


Can you guys name any Android direction finder app that does not require special equipment except single RTL-SDR dongle?

KerberosSDR has high usability but receiver is expensive.
Years ago some student made a presentation of application, that utilize two antennas and making real time direction of arrival calculations. But it was never released I guess.

My interest - since the day one of SDR usage I have an idea about the simplest direction finder that uses "fox hunting" technique. Precision could be really low, but still may be useful in some cases (especially for RC hobbyists). After quick search - nothing like that exists, just want to ensure before starting. Thanks.

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Re: Android direction finider app - available options

Post by rtlsdrblog » Thu Aug 13, 2020 10:36 am

Nothing like that exists on I'm afraid. The only DFing methods you can use with a single dongle are signal power based. You can use a Yagi to manuly determine the direction of the strongest signal power, or log signal power against GPS coordinates and create a heatmap.

The students app that you're thinking of was never released as it had commercial backing. And that project used coherent techniques like kerberos so you had to use two dongles modified with their oscillators connected together and some sort of custom calibration hardware or technique.

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