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Post by sacentre » Fri Mar 19, 2021 2:56 pm

Thanks, Joe. Absolutely no need to apologise. Typos 'r' rus as they say. Thanks for the clarification about the RG-6.

A question I asked on another forum but never got a reply to was if I use an active antenna on the end of a pole, I could mount the dongle just below it and then run say, an active USB cable back to the PC. Wouldn't that eliminate the need for a long run of coax? RTL-SDR Blog sells these in their store.

I managed to do a bit better tonight with just the 12" whip supplied with the dongle by switching off my big tower PC and running it on small HP tablet. So much quieter! There seemed to be a lot of strong signals on the WF but nothing readable.

Next, I'll try the mini-whip on a pole from the adjacent room window using the supplied RG-174 cable to see how it's affected by RFI from there. I didn't get much out of the rabbits ears dipole kit that arrived today. Perhaps that's only any good in portable situations like a field or someplace.

I sense your passion about being a licensed HAM. If I had a license we could be having this conversation over the radio.


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