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Two antenna on the same device

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2021 3:06 pm
by Pierre-Olivier T.
My device have tow connector.
one from 100khz to 30mhz and the other from 25mhz to 1.7ghz.
Can i branch an antenna on wich one at the same time and the mixer will care of it
If yes, ill be able to have acces to whole the device without changing my connection.
Because I dont want to broke anything.
Thanck you.

Re: Two antenna on the same device

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 5:23 am
by qrp
you can mix two antennas with splitter, but it will leads to some signal loss, about 6 dB for 1-2 splitter.

By the way, both of your antenna looks not good, they have too wide bandwidth. It means that they are low efficient. Your first antenna looks like random piece of wire and second antenna (25MHz to 1.7GHz) looks just like piece of crap. This is definitely not antenna. :)

Good antenna has bandwidth about Frequency/10. It means that good antenna for 1 MHz, has 1MHz/10 = 100 kHz bandwidth and it will works good for 0.95 MHz to 1.05 MHz. If antenna has less bandwidth, then such antenna is even better.

In your case antenna 100kHz to 30MHz has bandwidth = 30 MHz - 100 kHz = 29.9 MHz. This is 299 times worse than a good antenna. Such bad antenna will give you 299 times worse signal than a good antenna.