Problem Installing RTLSDR on Surface Pro X

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Problem Installing RTLSDR on Surface Pro X

Post by kravikt » Tue May 11, 2021 7:38 pm

Hi folks,

I'm having some technical challenges successfully installing the software. I'm using a Surface Pro X (or trying to). I have an RTL-SDR connected to a USB to USB-C Adapter. When I plug it into the top USB-C port on the Surface, I get the two "Bulk-In, Interface" devices appearing. When I plug it into the lower USB-C port, I get the sound, but nothing shows up. I got the .NET 5 (x86) software installed, and Airspy runs, but I'm having issues doing the driver replacement.

When running Zadig (as admin), I get an error and the driver doesn't install. Specifically it says "Driver installation: FAILED (Attempted to use a 32 bit installer on a 64 bit machine)"

I found another forum where there was discussion of this being a limitation of ARM64 processors, and someone posted a potential hack (used on a Raspberry Pie) which might work: ... 843e9bdbf4

Unfortunately, even when connected, I'm unable to get the necessary VID, PID, Manufacturer name, or Device name, so I can't execute the devcon command.

It would be a real pity having to return the RTL-SDR because it isn't compatible. Any thoughts?

Any thoughts? Thanks and cheers!


EDIT: Updated title to indicate an issue

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Re: Problem Installing RTLSDR on Surface Pro X

Post by Ruralcomms » Fri Jun 18, 2021 7:46 am

G'day kravikt.
I have precisely the same problem, did you ever find an answer to your post.


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