ppm settings for dmr radio

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ppm settings for dmr radio

Post by Stanogs68 » Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:28 pm

just wondered if any one had any better settings for my rtl on sdr controller
quadrature sampling
offset not ticked
rtl agc ticked
tuner agc ticked
frq correction (ppm) 100

radio bandwith 8000 order 400
squelch not ticked
snap to grid ticked correct iq ticked
unity gain no tick filter audio ticked
agc ticked
use hang ticked enabled
audio noise reduction ticked enabled
if noise reduction ticked enabled
noise blanker ticked enabled

dsd decoder settings
mp3 bitrate16
frame verosity 1
decoder speech quality 3
scaling factor 60
damping level 6
view point 7
the sdr and dsd are working but the frequencies can fluctuate badly i want a standard setting for dsd ,dmr cheers :? :D

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